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2008 Microgrants Awarded

Name Amount Purpose of Award
Anne Stanwick $300 Rent the Masonic Temple for a gathering of Dance Together Colorado, Feb, 2008
Womanspirit Connection $300 Support DUP sponsorship of the Faith Club dialog in Lawrence, KS in April 2008 as the focal point of an interfaith gathering
Marguerite Frongillo $300 Support "Dance Your Prayers" retreat with Grace Marie 4/5/2008 in Colombia, SC
Wali & ArrienneVan der Zwan $300 Support DUP retreat in Bratislava, March 2008
HeartStream Sufi Community $300 Support a nonviolent communication facilitation for members of a northern California dance circle
Joyce Carlson $300 Support presenting a Middle Eastern Goddess cycle retreat in Tempe, AZ
Tara Andrea Swierkosz $300 Bring Dances of Universal Peace to the College of Santa Fe and Los Alamos nuclear facility.
Capacitar International $300 Support Jilani Julie Easterly to bring Dances of Universal Peace to the 20th Annual Capacitar Conference
Anna Gasteva $300 Defray increased travel costs to fly Nuria Lee to Living Thread Camp near Moscow, Russia
Jorge Calero $300 Bring Granfather Rodolfo, an elder from the Witoto nation of the Amazon, to Atlantida, to start a process of the formal inclusion of some Amazonic dances to the DUP repertoire.
Liana Salima Swenson $300 Defray travel costs for bringing Hakim Bushnell for a Dance workshop on Lake Superior near Duluth, MN on Sept 6, 2008
Sheila Richardson $300 Assist with travel expenses for Radha Buko and Alima Ross to travel to Nova Scotia to present "Catching the Joy" a dance weekend
Candy Cruz $300 Assist with startup costs for a new dance circle forming in downtown Portland, OR
Theadore (Jack) Thompson $300 Assist with startup costs for a new dance circle forming in downtown Portland, OR
Sande Hamilton $300 Bring Anahata Iradah to Phoenix, AZ for a weekend retreat and musicians' training
Anne Stanwick $300 Rent the Masonic Temple for a gathering of Dance Together Colorado, Feb, 2008
Kalama Reuter $300 Assist the Hood River, OR dance circle in building their program and speccial events.
Vakil Shomer $300 Aupport DUP events and training in Argentina
Alan Lea $300 Bring DUP to various locations in Brazil
Samia Gwindolyn Lehman $300 Bring Grace Marie to Hawaai retreat Jan 09
2008 Total $6,000  


2007 Microgrants Awarded

Name Amount Purpose of Award
Clara Frazier $300 Bring Grace Marie to Grand Island, NE, March 16-18, 2007
Anne Stanwick $400 Rent the Masonic Temple for a day of dancing and dance leading by the 35+ dance leaders in the Colorado Region, May 27, 2007
Golden Gate Sufi Circle $300 Bring frame drummer Glen Valdez to the 2007 Mendocino Sufi Camp to lead two days of classes for beginning and intermediate drummers
Wali Perry Pike $300 Travel grant to the New York Dance Parade and Dancing in the Streets events
Kathryn Sky $300 Travel grant to participate in the Dance Together Colorado event May, 2007
Tara Andrea Swierkosz $300 Travel and honorarium to lead a DUP retreat at Grand Island, NE Sept 7-9, 2007
Maboud Swierkosz $300 Travel and honorarium to lead a DUP retreat at Grand Island, NE Sept 7-9, 2008
Jorge Calero $300 Provide travel assistance to Tasnim Fernandez to lead a retreat in Colombia, SA "Reconnecting with Being" October 17 - 18, 2007
Open Hands, on behalf of various Virginia Dance Circles $300 Provide seed money for continuing quarter DUP events in Charlottesville, Roanoke, Lexington and Blacksburg, Virginia. Each community hosts a day of dances each quarter, with their own ideas and inspirations for a program. While each community is autonomous in what they offer, the communities share funds in this venture and can ask the community till for money to help with rent, postage, etc
Kevin Lockwood $300 Travel assistance to Uganda to lead DUP with HIV-positive children
Sande Hamilton $300 Space rental, travel support and misc. expenses for  "Arizona Dance Leader's Gathering - Seeing Through The Eyes of Unity."
Stuart McKinnon $325 Travel expense for leading DUP in Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and other places
Talia Marcus $300 Independent study in mentoring with Darvesha McDonald
Arjuna Laerte Wilmann $300 Room rental, promotional costs and other expenses to bring Shabda Kahn to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 2008
Evansville, Indiana DUP $300 Travel and honorarium to bring Tasnim Fernandez to Evansville, June 2008
Kelsey Sheely $300 Equipment for creating a video documenting Arab/Israeli peace activists and the Dances of Universal Peace from 2007 tour of the Holy Lands
2007 Totals $4,925  

2006 Microgrants Awarded



Purpose of Award

Wali & AriennetVan der Zwan


Travel and honoraria Training in Southern France(Ariège, near Toulouse) April 28 – May 1, 2006.
Open Dance day with the local Community May 2nd 2006
Organised by: Josine Zon and  Roeland & Catherine (the local emerging teachers)

Charles Peterson


Travel expenses to attend South American DUP Gathering, Lima, Peru, Feb 2006

Anne Stanwick


Travel and honorarium for Anne to lead Dances at the Unitarian Church in Alamosa, Colorado; Extensive report filed!

Golden Gate Sufi Circle


To support flyer production, postage and promotion for the Cazadero Sufi Camp

Shemmaho Jephi Sioux


Travel and expenses to lead DUP at  2006 Fairy Congress in Washington

Shahodat Golomuz


DUP Retreat with Russian leaders Karima (Moscow) and Shahodat (St-Petersburg) near Perm. Organized by Svetlana Malyutina

Taj Loreto Gonzalez


Leader of the Dances for 28 years in Santiago, Chile to purchase a guitar

Grace Marie


Funds to augment $900 travel award from ICC to attend INDUP organizational meeting in Europe

Stuart Allen


Travel, space rental, advertising and musicians to establish and dance circle in Salida, Colorado

Harvey Amida


Travel to extend South American trip to Venezuela for events organized by Abjini Arraiz

Vakil Forest Shomer


To support travel and expenses for the Port Townsend DUP community to host the first local presentation of the Aramaic Lord's Prayer. Hafiz Lu Leland and Murad Phil Notermann will to teach a short afternoon workshop in preparation for an evening program of the complete Prayer.

Grace Marie


To support travel and expenses for Grace Marie to present the Aramic Lord's Prayer in Riga, Latvia in September, 2006

Tajali Theresa Tolan


To support travel to Virginia from Wisconsin to carry on planning for the All My Relations manual and Creative Arts for Peace Camp

Aeolea Burwell


To lead a series of Dances of Universal Peace for inmates in Attica and Auburn prisons

Clara Frazier/Yoga Practices Center


To bring Grace Marie to Grand Island, Nebraska Oct 6 & 7, 2006

Zubin Westrick


To support DUP at peace festival in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Sept 2006

Tara Andrea Swierkosz


To support taking the DUP into Santa Fe prison