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Project Grant Summaries 2008

To view amounts awarded by grant program and region click 6 Year Grant Report below.

Spring & Fall 2008 Grants

Project Title

Applicant Country Purpose of grant Award
Art for Peace Foundation Terra Mirim Brazil Continue studies of five teenagers as DUP leaders in programs with community participation in DUP $3,900
2008 Russian Sufi Camp Ilona Vorslav Russia Bring Shabda Kahn as spiritual director to 2008 Sufi Camp by St. Petersburg $ 4000
Bringing the Dances to Melbourne Dance Darshan Australia Travel and honoraria to seed a regular dance circle in Melbourne through presenting four seasonal DUP retreats.  $1,160
Children's Global Peace Project Children's Global Peace Project USA,Uganada other Dances of Universal Peace along with a program of creating peace banner, journals and other activities in grade school classrooms in the US, Uganda and other countries $8,000
Children's Global Peace Project Children's Global Peace Project USA Supplies, administrative and volunteer support to bring DUP into schools and fostering international peace through peace banner exchanges $8000
Crimea Peace Camp MIR Rahman Productions Ukraine Honoraria and travel for two international DUP leaders to support the Crimea Dance Camp, Sept 27 - Oct 3, 2008 in Mirny, Crimea, Ukraine $3,000
Dance Camp in France A-La-Danse, French DUP network France Support expenses for a French language DUP camp in Bretagne, France July 12-18, 2008 $1,680
Deepening to Dances with Love Rahman Productions Ukraine Travel and honoraria for Wali & Arrienne for DUP workshop in St. Petersburg $1035
International Core Council (ICC) In-Body Meeting ICC of International Network for the DUP International Travel and meals for an in-body meeting of the governing body of INDUP $1,923
Latvian Summer Camp Rahman Productions Latvia To provide honoraria and travel for guest leaders to expand the Latvian DUP camp, August 18-24, 2008 in the Latvian countryside $2,750
Living Thread Project Shahodat Golomuz Anna Gasteva Russia To support leader travel, honoraria and new dance tent for the 2nd Living Thread DL camp near Moscow, June 27 - July 5, 2008. Tent also used in the Moscow area for other events. $4,850
Murshid SAM's Legacy Website Creation Sufi Ruhaniat International International To support creation of a web site which will make key papers and other resources of Murshid Samuel Lewis available to the Mentor Teachers Guild and other researchers $1,000
Narayan Inspiration Impulse Narayan Eric Waldman Russia, Italy Travel and honorarium for DUP in Yekaterinburg, Perm, Saratov Russia, and Verona, Italy $2,200
Peace Through Arts in Mantiqueira Arjuna Laerte Willmann Brazil Travel and expenses to bring Dances of Universal Peace into communities within the Mantiqueira Mountains of Brazil. $3,600
Slovakian Outreach Rahman Productions Slovakia Travel and honoraria for Wali and Arrienne vd Zwan to present a retreat for an emerging dance circle in Bratislava, Slovakia $1,700
SRI Youth Scholarship Fund Golden Gate Sufi Circle NA Support scholarships and travel for young adults to attend 2009 Sufi Sesshin $1200
Tancime.cz Civic Association Tancime.cz Civic Ass. Czech Republic Provide half the funds for a dance tent for Czech and Slovak dancers $3200
The Mantra and the Flame Anahata Iradah Brazil Intra-Brazil travel and lodging for J. Jayraman & Anahata for a series of trainings on Hindu Traditions $3500
Training in Sufi Zikr and Zikr Dance Silje Seppik Estonia Honorarium and travel to present a retreat and training in Sufi Zikr and Zikr Dance/Movement with Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz $1,015
Youth Dancing,
year 4
Silke Alima and Michael Ali Stockel Germany Travel and honorarium for Tara Andrea Swierkosz to lead dances and programs for the German Youth Camp 2008 $3,000
Zimbabwean Peace Summit and the DUP Tara Andrea Swierkosz South Africa Travel and honorarium for Tara Andrea Swierkosz to lead dances and programs for the Zimbabwean Peace Summit, a gathering of 80 participants from African countries $600

2008 Totals



Project Grant Summaries 2007

To view amounts awarded by grant program and region click 6 Year Grant Report above.

Spring and Fall 2007 Project Grant Awards

Project Title Applicant Country Purpose of Grant


Balakovo Wolga Weekend Rahmaan Productions Russia Travel and Honoraria for Wali and Arienne to present a DUP weekend in Balakova, Wolga, Russia $2,500
Crimea Camp (Mir Project) Rahmaan Productions Ukraine Teacher honoraria plus travel expenses to support a training and retreat in Myrnu, Crimea (Ukraine) $4,250
NA Regional Meeting PW-DUPNA United States/Canada Subsidizing travel costs for those participants in need of help and to pay the room and board costs for all participants. PW-DUPNA will pay the airfare costs of its Board and staff $5,000
Play It Again for Sam (DUP Guitar Instruction Booklet) Rahmaan Productions International Honorarium to enable Wim Wali to finish the writing phase of a guitar instruction manual especially designed for the Dances, possibly accompanied with DVD or CD. $1,001
(The) Soul as the Real Self Paula Saffire Indiana, USA Funds will support honoraria for Wali Ali and Grace Marie to present residential DUP workshop in Indianapolis, IN USA $1,172
Watering the Sprouts  Sylvia Murillo Venezuela, SA Travel and honoraria for Sylvia Murillo and Jorge Calero to travel to Venezuela with Darvesha to offer dance and walk training. $2,550
Weaving Wonderful Moments to Brazilian Dancers Maria Aldina Aché Cardoso Pinto Brazil, SA Travel and honorarium for Amida Harvey to present two weekends in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro city and in Vale do Capao - Chapada Diamantina $2,300
Youth Dancing, Year 3 Silkie Alima and Michael Ali Stoeckel Germany To help fund youth camp costs, including tent hire, team travel and honoraria, materials for the various workshops, and decorations $3,060
Children's Global Peace Project  Children's Global Peace Project USA School materials, travel, meals, communications, bookkeeping and honoraria $7,000
Connecting with Our Roots Fernando Castano Colombia Travel and honoraria for Shabda Kahn, Darvesha MacDonald, bursaries to assist local attendees $10,000
Dance Seminar with Gita Sophia Onnen in Perm Svetlana Malyutina and Andrey Klyuev Russia Travel, visa and honorarium for Gita Sophia Onnen to lead a 3-day program. $1,900
Global Peace Fest 2008 Peter Murray Thailand Transporation for Jamila Kashevarova and Gayan Long to travel to Thailand plus translator, and tent rental expenses $2,860
Irresistible Beauty of the Beloved CA Events - Dances of Universal Peace USA Travel and honorarium for guest leaders Leilah and Bodhi Be and for facility rental expense increases $3,645
Produce DVD of Dances and Post on Internet Bernard Heideman USA  Travel, equipment, honoraria for videographer and editor, graphics design $1,350
Sufi Sesshin 2008 Youth Scholarships Golden Gate Sufi Circle USA Scholarships for youth/young adults to attend the 2008 Sufi Sesshin $5,000
SRI Youth Scholarship Fund Sufi Ruhaniat International USA & beyond Scholarships for youth/young adults to attend Ruhaniat and Dances of Universal Peace Events $2,000

2007 Totals



Historical Project Grant Award Summaries

Spring 2000 – Fall 2006

The Oneness Project Board of Trustees congratulates the following recipients of grant awards in the first 5 years of Oneness Project's "Project Grants" Program.  Application forms and guidelines for applying to the Oneness Project are available elsewhere on this web site.

Spring 2000 Awards 

Anahatah Iradah and Prema Desara to Missoula, Montana, MT

Malika Jenny Mish, Missoula, Montana

To guarantee against loss a workshop and dance leader training event by Anahata Iradah and Prema Desara in Missoula, MT, July, 2000.


"Eat Dance and Play Together" Spokane, WA

Baraka, Inland NW Sufi Camp, Spokane, Washington

To create a curriculum for children attending Dances of Universal Peace retreats and camps and to support teacher stipends


Fall 2000 Awards 

Dance Training Weekend, Nevada City, CA

Ellen Fietz Hall,

To support teacher honoraria for an experimental dance leader training weekend.


"101 Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground", Portland, OR

Mentor Teachers’ Guild, Elena Devi DeJardin

To provide staff scholarships for apprentice mentor two-part training event, Lewis & Clark College, June, 2001.


South India Pilgrimage

North American Network for the DUP/Anahata Iradah

To support staff expenses for  bringing the Dances to ashrams and sacred sites throughout South India


Latvian Dances Camp


Ludmilla Stratanovich

To provide a new dance tent, travel for guest international leaders, and children’s program support for the Latvian Unicorn Dance Camp.  The tent will be shared among dance circles in the region.


Project Peru

Grace Marie

Ft. Collins, Colorado

To expand DUP outreach activities, dance events and dance leader training workshops


Tallinn Project 1st Year, Estonia

Wim Wali and ArienneVan der Zwan

To support a dance leader training week  in Estonia and outreach retreats to the Baltic countries and Russia


2000 Totals




Spring 2001 Awards 

Edinburgh Festival, Scotland

Fatah Saunders/Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

To pay promotional and logistical costs to establish the Dances of Universal Peace as part of the 2000 and 2001 Edinburgh festival


Dance Dome, Silver City, NM

Southwest Sufi Community

Silver City, NM

To fund a portion of the cost of erecting an all-weather dance structure at the SW Sufi Community


Children's Dance Camp, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Karima Jan Weedma
, Spokane, WA

To support children's program staff and presentation of Dances at the 2001 NW Sufi Camp, Coeur d'Alene, WA


NANDUP Regional Development Workshop, Santa Fe, NM

North American Network for the Dances of Universal Peace (NANDUP)

To support travel and meeting expenses for a planning meeting to determine future of North American Network for the Dances of Universal Peace


Fall 2001 Awards

Advanced Dance Leader Training with Radha Tereska Buko, Florida

Mentor Teachers Guild and International Network for the DUP

Support of leader's fees for presentation of dance leader training event in Florida, January, 2002


Advanced Dance Leader Training with Wali Ali Meyer, Seattle, WA

Seattle Dance Team

Advanced Dance Leader Training – Seattle

“Safety-net” support of leader's fees for presentation of dance leader training event in Seattle, WA


"All My Relations"


Support of production costs of instruction booklet and compact disk of Dances of Universal Peace especially for children


"The Network is the Vision: Weaving a Global Family", Holland

International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace

To support Delegate travel to International Council meeting, De Weyst, Handel - Holland, June 12-16, 2002


Russian Solstice Camp 2002, near St. Petersburg

Russian Solstice Dance Camp

To support travel of spiritual director and guest leader plus provide 10 scholarships for Russian Solstice Dance Camp near St. Petersburg, Russia, June, 2002


Sound and Spirit Musicfest, Louisiana

Victoria Tackett

To support dance leader/musician travel to initiate new weekend program of Dances and music on the Gulf Coast


Tallinn Project 2nd Year, Estonia

Wali & Arienne vd Zwan


To support travel and expenses to present a continuing dance leader training week in Estonia and outreach events in the Ukraine


Training Russian Dance Leaders, Krimea

Wali and Arienne vd Zwan


To support travel and expenses for presenting a dance leader training event adjacent to the Krimean Dance Festival, September, 2002


2001 Totals 



Spring 2002 Awards

Dance France

Wahaba Karuna

Leader travel and expenses for series of DUP events in France.


Expanding the Dances into Unity, Seattle, WA

Laruen Burrei

Pilot project to establish a regular dance  circle at Seattle Unity Church and incorporating the dances into worship services.


Shabda Khan to Montana, Missoula, Montana

Star Jameson

Travel and honorarium support for Shabda Kahn to present a dance weekend in Montana, November, 2002


Spanish CD Production, South America

Felisa Chalcoff

Equipment and production costs for creation of a Spanish-language compact disk and instruction booklet for leading the Dances


International Baltic DUP Camp – Unicorn

Ludmilla Stratanovich

Support of travel and expenses for international teachers to attend the 2002 Baltic Unicorn DUP Camp


Fall 2002

Florida Dance Leader Training with Amida Harvey

Gainesville Florida Dance Circle

Support of leader’s travel and honorarium for one-day dance leader training event following a weekend retreat.


Sufi Ruhaniat International European Summer Camp, Germany

Sufi Ruhaniat International

Support of travel and fees for participants from soft currency countries to attend first SRI European Camp, summer 2003


Russian Solstice Camp 2003 and Dance Leader Training

Russian Solstice Camp

Rupport of leader’s travel and honorarium for camp and dance leader training; Also support of five $200 scholarships for camp.


Sacred Arts Camp (successor camp to “Peace Through the Arts”), England

Sacred Arts Camp

Support of leaders’ travel and honoraria for initiation of new British summer camp to succeed “Peace Through the Arts”


South American Travel

Victoria Darvesha McDonald

Support of travel for DUP training and outreach in Argentina, Chile, Guatamala, Peru and Columbia over a 3 year period.


Talinn Project 3rd Year, Estonia

Rahmaan Productions  -Wali and Arienne van der Zwan

Support for final year of 3-year dance leader training event in Estonia, plus outreach activities to Kalingrad and Volga areas


2002 Totals 



Spring 2003  

Dance FranceMyriade” Project

Glenda Huggons, U.K.

Support of leaders’ travel expenses for two dance retreats in France


Dancing Towards Wholeness: Aotearoa, New Zealand

Quest Foundation, New Zealand

Pilot project exploring the uses of Dances of Universal Peace with patients in therapeutic settings including Alzheimers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, and prisons.


MIR Festival and Training 2003, Russia

Rahmaan Productions  -Wali and Arienne van der Zwan

Mentor travel and honoraria for Crimean camp and dance leader training for Russians and surrounding region


Fall 2003

Que Las Danzas d Paz Continuen, Spain

Sylvia Murillo

Support of leaders travel and expenses for DUP outreach in Venezuela and Spain


Annual Retreat and Training with Amida Harvey, New Zealand

Dances of Universal Peace in Aotearoa, New Zealand

Support of leader’s honorarium and scholarships for New Zealanders


Argentine Dance Training Outreach 2004

Jimmy Docker

Honorarium and travel expenses for retreat/training by Tansen O’Donohoe and outreach to Argentina’s Southern Cone region and elsewhere


Creative Arts for Peace, near Washington , DC

Children’s Project, Dances of Universal Peace

Staff room, board, stipends, travel, honoraria for multidisciplinary camp for children and adults in the Washington, DC area, summer 2004


Dances in Everyday Life, Estonia

Wali and Arienne van der Zwan

Travel, honoraria and bursaries to support Estonian dance leader training event in January, 2004


Dance Sesshin, Bay area, CA

Golden Gate Sufi Circle

Provide registration fee reduction and scholarships for 10-day Dances of Universal Peace/meditation retreat, January 2004


“Following on our Footsteps, France and Spain

Sylvia Murillo

Travel expenses for DUP outreach in Spain and the Cathari pilgrimage in France


The French Connection

Wali and Arienne van der Zwan

Series of weekend training events in France beginning in January, 2004


Foundation Dances and Walks Training, FL

Amina Linda McMakin

To support the 2nd annual dance leader training offered for the Southern region of the United States $325 + $100 safety net


Honoring the Divine Dancer, NY

Frank Lombardo

Honorarium, travel and lodging for event celebrating the life and work of Ruth St. Denis


Mendocino Sufi Youth Retreat, CA

Golden Gate Sufi Circle

Travel support and camp expenses for DUP/Sufi event produced by and for young people


Middle East Spirituality Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Center for World Spiritualities

Speaker travel costs and other expenses for presenting a community-wide peace conferences using the Dances of Universal Peace as an integral component


When the Eagle Meets the Condor, Peru

Grace Marie

To support travel and expenses for presenting a dance leader training event in Peru


2003 Totals 



Spring 2004 

At the Oasis: with Shabda and Tamam

Harrisburg Pa Community of the DUP

Travel and honoraria for Pennsylvaina retreat with Shabda Kahn


Brazilian Regional Network DUP Meeting

Sebastiao Guerra

Partial scholarships and travel support for regional planning meeting


CD Universal Wind - Sweden

Cajsa Ty Pettersson

Publishing/marketing costs for Swedish lanauge cd


Claudia Cuman's North American Tour

Brian Jameson

Travel, visa, per diem and  advertising for NA tour of South American Leader


Czech Dance Camp

Rahmaan Productions

Travel, translation costs, and honoraria


Incorporating Dances into Ziraat, Lopez Island, WA

Vakil Forest Shomer

Travel support for participants


Maui's 15th Annual Fall Sufi Camp, HI

Maui Sufi Camps

Safety net support for honoraria and travel in camp budget.


NANDUP Database and Website, Silver City, NM


Software and programming costs for establishing web site data base.


Portuguese Foundation Dance Manual Project, Brazil

Brazilian Network for DUP

Translator fees, editing, and layout of Foundation Dance Manual


Ruhaniat 2004 Summer Camp, Germany

Sufi Ruhaniat Int'l Germany

Travel and tuition support for participants


Unity OP DUP Grant, Clearwater Valley, Idaho

Unity Church of Clearwater Valley

Incorporating DUP into Unity Church worship services and youth programs.


Fall 2004 

Breathing into Australia

DUP Australia Network

Bursaries and general and support for DUP retreat with Shabda Kahn and Allaudin Ottinger


Creative Arts for Peace (2005)

Kathryn Ashera Sprowls

Travel, honoraria, promotion


CSA Training I for DUP Leaders

Ellen Fietz-Hall

An experimental, advanced DUP training.


CSA Training Part II

Ellen Fietz-Hall

An experimental, advanced DUP training.


Czech Dance Camp Year 2

Wim Wali van der Zwan

$2k camp; $4.180k tent purchase


Dance Outreach Belém, Amazonia, Brazil

Anahata Iradah

Travel assistance and tuition support for dance leader training event.


Dances of Universal Wisdom, Brasil

Integria Retreat Center

Support for DUP retreat with Anahata Iradah and indiginous spiritual leader.


Estonian DUP Camp 2005

Silje Seppik

Support for Shabda Kahn to attend Estonian camp.


Deepening Magnetism, Attunement & Tr.

Muiz Brinkerhoff

Travel and accomodation for advanced DUP training.


European Sufi Ruhaniat Camp 2005

Sufi Ruhaniat Inti'l Germany

Bursaries and workshop fee support for SRI summer camp.


Middle Eastern Spirituality Festival, Scotland

Edinburgh ICWS

Travel and accomodation


Outreach Europe

Wim Wali van der Zwan

Travel and honoraria for DUP outreach in Slovenia and Seratov


Russian Sufi Ruhaniat Camp 2005

Gillian Zacharova

Bursary and honoraria support for SRI camp.


Shabda and Allaudin in Aotearoa, New Zealand


Support for Shabda Kahn and Allaudin Ottinger to present a retreat in New Zealand


South American Dance & Training Camp

Jimmy Docker

Travel and honoraria support for dance leaders to attend training with Amida Harvey


Sufi Sesshin 2005

Golden Gate Sufi Circle

10 full and 7 partial scholarships to youth and others


South American Camp 2006

Grace Marie

Funds for planning a South American DUP conference and/or camp for 2006


2004 Totals



Spring 2005 Awards 

Amida Harvey in Colombia, S.A.

Fundacion Danza & Vida


Travel for Amida Harvey to Cali, Columbia for public DUP events and leader trainings in October, 2005


Chilean Outreach

Jimmy Docker


Travel for Jimmy Docker to Chile for DUP events and training


Dance with the Divine

Golden Gate Sufi Circle

United States

Youth travel scholarships to attend camp presented by and for young adults exploring Dances of Universal Peace and Sufism


Halima MacEwan American Tour

Shining Heart Community, Kansas City

United States

Travel costs for New Zealand Sufi teacher and elder Halima Mc Ewan assistants to travel to Sufi communities in the United States


Harvest in Spain

Sylvia Murillo


Travel support for Colombian DUP leader Sylvia Murillo to travel to present DUP events in Spain


Mir Camps

Shahodat Golomuz


Travel, honoraria and other expenses for presenting youth and adult camps in Crimea, Ukraine and in Russia


PeaceWorks Pubs Website

PeaceWorks Pubs

United States

Web site design expenses to establish a secure ordering web site for Peaceworks Publications


Radha Buko leading DUP in New Zealand


New Zealand

Travel costs for senior mentor Radha Buko and Alima Ross to lead multiple events in New Zealand


Root of the Root Training Workshop

Ellen Fietz-Hall

United States

Matching support for tuition, lodging and transportation for advanced dance leader training employing complete self attunement and awareness techniques


Youth Dancing at the NdL Camp

Silke Alima/Al Soteckel


Travel, honoraria and logistical costs for German youth camp


Org Development Consultant


United States

Fees and expenses for training consultant to work with the PeaceWorks North American Region board of directors, August, 2005


Traveling with the Legacy of Murshid Sam

Wim Wali vd Zwan

Russia, Latvia

Travel and honorarium for DLT and retreat wkends in Perm, Ural, Russia and Riga, Latvia


Total Spring


Fall 2005 Awards

Art for Peace FUNDAÇÃO TERRA MIRIM Brazil A community and youth development project using the Dances of Universal Peace, choral singing and cultural "conversation groups" to build a culture of peace among disadvantaged youth in Simoes Filho, Bahia.


Czech Dance Camp 2006 Dana Jirkalova Czech Republic Tent rental, travel expense, translation and honoraria for 3rd annual Czech Dance Camp.


"Dance, Walk and Spiritual Voice Retreat" Silje Devi Seppik Estonia Travel and honoraria support to bring Saadi Neil-Douglas Klotz to the Estonian camp in June 2006


Dances of Universal Wisdom 2006 INTEGRIA Center Brazil Second year of support of travel expense and honoraria for workshop combining Dances of Universal Peace and indiginous spiritual dance, co-facilitated by Anahata Iradah and spiritual leader Kaka Wera Jecupe.


First South American Gathering José Chiriboga Peru To support DUP representatives' travel from seven countries to attend a  February, 2006 meeting in Lima, Peru aimed at increased organization, coordination and sharing of resources among DUP leaders in South America.


Global Inspiration Conference Dances Project JoAnn Lowell Canada Tent rental, honoraria and expenses to bring DUP leaders to a major breathwork conference in Nelson, B.C. CANADA July 14-21, 2006.


In the Garden of Holy Wisdom Hannah New Zealand and Australia Travel support for Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz to New Zealand and Australia with multiple events over 21 days in April and May, 2006.


INDUP European Development Workshop 2006 Michael Stoeckel Germany Bursaries for delegates and participants from soft currency countries to attend a June, 2006 conference of European DUP mentors for planning and organization.


Russian Sufi Camp 2006 Illona Vorslav Russia Travel/honoraria for Shabda Kahn and Gita Onnen Hoppmann as presenters for the Russian Sufi Camp to be held June 11 - 18 near St. Petersburg.


Sufi Sesshin 2006 Golden Gate Sufi Circle USA 10 scholarships for youth and first time participants to attend the Sufi Sesshin, combining the Dances of Universal Peace with meditation practice, January, 2006 near San Francisco, CA.


Total Fall


2005 Totals



Spring 2006

Amida's "Return to Colombia" Sylvia Murillo Colombia, SA Travel expense to Colombia for Amida Harvey to lead two weekend workshops, public events and class with dance leaders.


Challenge Grant for Aotearoa Dance Tent Peaceful Steps Trust, Premanand Provan New Zealand Challenge grant to assist New Zealand dance community in raising funds for purchase of dance tent and accessories


Creative Arts for Peace Camp2006 PeaceDance USA Staff travel and honoraria, promotional support and tuition support for this 3rd year of a DUP family held near Washington, DC July 10-16, 2006


Cusco, Peru Outreach Project José Chiriboga  Peru, SA Travel expenses for DUP leaders from Lima to travel to Cusco for an outreach project


Dance Material in Spanish Spain Sylvia Murillo Travel and expenses for a Spanish-language DUP CD to be recorded in Spain in July, 2006 $3000
Dancing in Poland OŚRODEK Poland Travel and honoraria for Wali and Arienne van der Zwan to introduce the DUP to the yearly Sufi Order Camp in Gdansk in July, 2006


Dancing in the Dharma Anahata Iradah Russia Travel and hall rental for Anahata Iradah to lead DUP events in St. Petersburg and Perm, Russia


Expanding Circles of Peace Khalisa Brenda Spencer Canada Venue, honoraria, travel and scholarship support for a three-year project to build the dance community in Edmonton, Alberta


Sowing the DUP at São Paulo University  Patricia Tolentino Brasil Honoraria, travel and support to establish the Dances at São Paulo University 


Training in Saratov Ekatarina Karpova (Katya Russia Travel and honoraria for Wali and Arienne van der Zwan to present a dance leader training in Saratov Russia, September 2006


Youth Dancing, Year 2 Silke Alima and Michael Ali Stoeckel Germany Honoraria, travel, board and lodging for the 5 team members leading the youth retreat.


Riding the Wave (Fall 2005) SRI Youth Scholarship Fund USA Special award to new SRI scholarship fund for youth earmarked for Mendocino Sufi Youth Camp




Fall 2006

Art for Peace 2 Brasil Terra Mirim Foundation Honoraria, travel and wages to present the DUP to children, organize a youth choir and events with Anahata Iradah in the town of Samoes Filho - Bahia - BRAZIL. $4,700
Colombian Harvest Colombia Patricia Rodríguez Blanco Travel and honorarium for Darvesha MacDonald to lead a week-long camp and organizational meeting for dance leaders from around South America, in Colombia in January, 2007. $5,000
Creative Arts for Peace 2007 USA PeaceDance To support staff honoraria, promotion and tuition support for this DUP Camp in the Washington, DC area. $3,000
Dancing in the Heart of the World Chile Taj Loreto González-Lorca Travel and honoraria for a Sufi "caravan" through Chile centered on the DUP and Sufi practice with Tasnim Fernandez and Sharifa Oppenheimer in April 2007. $5,000
DUP in the Holy Land Israel and Palestine Susan Sheely Travel and honoraria to bring dance leaders Narayan Eric Waldman and Susan Sheely to the middle east to lead a series of interfaith events. $5,000
DUP in New Mexico Prison New Mexico, USA Tara Andrea Swierkosz Six programs of Dances of Universal Peaace for minimum security prisoners in Santa Fe Prison, New Mexico. $600
Foundation Dance and Walk Training in Argentina Argentina Walter Callieri To support travel expenses for ten dance leaders to attend a training in Cordoba, Argentina with Jimmy Docker. $1,000
Fourth Annual Sufi Sesshin California, USA Golden Gate Sufi Circle Scholarships for youth up to 26 years of age to attend 2007 Sesshin. $5,000
Indy 2007 Indianapolis, IN, USA Paula Saffire Travel and honorariaum support to bring Munir Peter Reynolds to Indianapolis in March, 2007 for a workshop and hands-on spirituality class at Butler University. $300
(To) Latvia with Love Latvia Isabella Fatima Reuta Travel and honorarium for Wali and Arienne vd Zwan to lead a Dance Leader Training event in Riga, Latvia, May 2007 $1,650
Middle Eastern Spirtuality Festival (MESP) 2007 Scotland Edinburgh International Centre for World Spiritualities, To support a DUP presence and speakers at the 2007 Middle Eastern Spirituality Conference, March 2007 in Edinburgh, Scotland. $5,000
Russian Sufi Ruhaniat Camp 2007 Russia Ilona Vorslav To support travel and honoraria for Murshida Mariam Baker to lead DUP at 2007 Russian Ruhaniat Camp near St. Petersburg, Russia. $2,500
SRI Youth Scholarship Fund Various Sufi Ruhaniat International To support a new Sufi Ruhaniat International scholarship fund providing tuition and travel assistance to youth and young adults to attend DUP and SRI events. $5,000
MTG Guidance Council Meeting USA MTG Guidance Council To support a meeting of a subgroup of the MTG Guidance Council. $2,000
Total Fall $45,750
2006 Totals $74,117