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Mark Kurey was a long time Beloved and Dancer from Grand Junction, Colorado. He first encountered the Dances years ago in San Antonio TX and fell in love with them. He was a focal point for information and support for the Dances in Grand Junction until his unexpected death November 30 following open heart surgery.

Mark was an unassuming guy with a huge heart who just seemed to show up at the right moment no matter what was needed: an ear to listen, some encouraging words, help with logistics or equipment, providing chocolate. He had a large network of friends through the Dances, the Self Realization Fellowship in Grand Junction, and his meditation group. A quiet musician, he played didgeridoo, tamboura, harmonium, etc., and had begun to lead Dances by the time of his passing. He was a regular attendee of the Canyonlands Dance camps and his rich baritone voice will be long missed.

Mark said many things that emerged from the core of his spirituality. This is a sample. ...my teacher, Yogananda... basically, he just wanted to be surrendered to Divine Mother. I am wondering if maybe Yogananda really had it right?  I just want to spend my energy attracting more qualities and energy of God ... the Divine Mother. So I'm paying close attention to each thought and feeling, as if they were my last, as if today were the last day I was on earth, this lovely school.

Photo: Mark Kurey, dancing with Danielle Freeman at Canyonlands.
Image and article by Sky Roshay.