Dance Leader Training Final Report Form

This form is to be completed by all recipients of Dance Leader Training support. Please and email this final report to Nuria Ginger Lee at Alternately, you may mail a printed copy to her at Oneness Project, 115. No. 8th Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715.

You may copy and paste this form into a MS Word document, fill it out and then email the Word document to

Oneness Project asks that you file this report within 1 month of completing your training. 
It is suggested that you also send a copy of this report to your mentor. You must file this report to be eligible for future funding.

Date Submitted:

Mailing Address:
Email address:

What training/event did you attend?( please include the date):

Answer the following questions as fully as possible. You may attach additional pages as needed.

1. Please tell us what you learned or are learning as a result of attending this training.

As a result of attending this training, how has each of the objectives you listed on your original application been met? Please be detailed and specific.

3. What else would you like to tell us about this training experience?

Specifically, how are you or will you be using the training to promote Dances of Universal Peace in your life and community. If you are attending a multi-event training series, how is your involvement with Dances of Universal Peace developing?


Budget Report


Expenses of Your Training

$____________ Total of my registration fee, lodging and travel for the training.

Support for Your Training:

$____________a) I contributed this amount toward this training.
$____________b) Others contributions toward this training (fill in only if applicable).
$____________c) Amount I received from Oneness Project toward this training.
$____________Total Support (adding a + b + c must equal total Expenses shown above)