Project Grant Final Report


After completing a project for which you received a grant from Oneness Project, please fill out this final report. You may print this form and type or print your responses neatly in ink, use additional pages as needed, and mail to:

Final Report

Oneness Project

465 Weber Heights Road

Corvallis, MT 59828


Or you may copy and paste this page, with your answers, into an email and send to

Please note, this form is for project grants, a separate form is needed for dance leader training grants.


Title of Project:


Your name:




Phone number:



Answer the following questions as fully as possible. Use additional pages if needed.


  1. Please describe the project as implemented.









  1. Which of the goals and objectives cited in your project application were met through implementation of this project?



  1. What evaluation method did you use and what were the results of your evaluation?




  1. What lessons did you learn from doing this project?






  1. Please provide a budget report of actual income and expenses that you incurred on this project. Be sure to include any in-kind contributions of labor or materials that you received. You may use the budget format you submitted on your original application, or the budget example in the application guidelines as a guide in preparing this report.