Oneness Project

2018 Small Grants Program


Oneness Project is pleased to announce the availability of grants of up to $400 to support the Dances of Universal Peace.
OP has allocated a total of $10,000 for this program in 2018.

Who may apply: Individuals, dance circles or nonprofit organizations may
apply to Oneness Project to request up to $400 for projects which support
the Dances of Universal Peace. Examples of Small Grants projects include
helping to pay travel and/or honoraria for a guest Dance teacher to visit your
community, presenting DUP events to new constituencies or youth, and
leader training. Small Grant applications must address one or more of the
following goals:

a) Promote and encourage increased participation in the Dances of
    Universal Peace.

b) Encourage excellence in Dance leading and Dance meeting facilitation.

c) Encourage cooperation, sharing of resources and talents among Dance
    circles and communities.

d) Foster teamwork among dance leaders working within the same Dance
    circle, community or region.

e) Enable children and youth to enjoy the Dances of Universal Peace and
    to have meaningful experiences at Dance camps and retreats. 


Dance Leader Trainings: Multiple session multiple year trainings will now be eligible for special consideration grants to assist their participants. We ask that the leaders/organizers of those events apply and distribute granted funds. If a potential trainee individual applies they will be informed that the leader/organizer must apply for the event grant and that they will distribute the funds. If these leader/organizers are unaware of the availability of these grants they can direct them to this webpage. The grants will be for the first year of the training only.  A report will be required to be considered for further funds.

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When to apply: Grant applications are due March 15, June 15 and September 15.
Applications received after the due date will be considered at the following
due date round of applications. Oneness Project will inform applicants
whether they will receive an award within 10 days following the due date.

How to Apply: Submit the application below to Linda Lindsay, the Executive
Director of the Oneness Project at:  no later than one week prior to the due date.

Funds Availability: Generally funds will be made available to grantees
within 10 days of notification. Please note that wiring funds from
the United States cost about $50. We therefore look for less expensive
ways to distribute funds internationally.

Oneness Project will award only one Small Grant
per applicant per calendar year.

Please note that Small Grants are given for new or expanded activity.


Oneness Project Small Grants Program         
Application Form


1. Project Title:_____________________________
Give your project a brief name of up to five words.

2. Contact Information:
Give the name, mailing address, postal code, country, telephone number and email address of the individual who will be the contact for this project.

3. Amount requested in US$: ___________ (Up to $400)

4. Project Description
In two to three paragraphs please describe the Dances of Universal Peace activity for which you are seeking funds and how you will use the grant funds. Please include the date and location of any event that will take place, the goals you hope to achieve, and anything else that gives us a more complete sense of the project.





5. Budget
Please give an overview of projected income (such as registration fees, donations and in-kind support*) and expenses (such as hall rental, insurance, materials, honoraria, etc.) for your project. You may attach a separate sheet if necessary.



6. Evaluation
Please address the question, “How will you know that you have been successful in your project?”



7. Gratitude and Follow-up Report - it is requested that somewhere in the primary event advertising Oneness Project's generous support will be noted. Also a report of no less than 200 words, with pictures/video/etc if possible is expected within the month following the event...We not only like to hear about the good things that transpire but we want to be able to share the same here, or in whatever way we can!


*In-kind support means donations of materials, space or other items for which no cash is exchanged.  Contact OP Executive Director Linda Lindsay if you have questions at

REPORTS: While post grant event reports (preferably with pics and videos) are not required a lack of one elaborating on the use and benefit of your grant could affect your future award status.