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Wilderness 2017 Dance Leaders


 Grace Marie

Working with many wisdom traditions worldwide, Grace has enriched the DUP repertoire, adapting traditional prayers into meaningful songs.  Grace Marie is an international teacher and facilitator of Dances of Universal Peace, Harmonic Temple Chant, voice, and movement meditation that are interwoven in her experiential workshops guiding the journey of the heart and soul. Grace began playing at guitar Mass at Church in the mid-1970’s and has continued with sacred music of world traditions through her life. She is an initiator within the Sufi Ruhaniat International, and a Dances of Universal Peace Mentor.  Grace has co-facilitated Dance journeys and pilgrimages worldwide, and has deep ties in Peru and Guatemala.
Grace’s style is joyful, deep and ecstatic. Her three CD’s, Kunda, One Love, and All My Relations, are listened to worldwide.  Her website is

Aslan Scott Sattler

Aslan lives in northern California and has been a student of Universal Sufism since 1983.  He teaches in the Dervish Healing Order, the Sufi Ruhaniat International and the International Sufi Movement and delights​ in sharing the transmission of Universal Sufism through the Dances of Universal Peace and the creation of “Instant Sufi Choirs”. ​He ​has shared this attunement worldwide, including Canada, Central America, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Mexico.His choirs explore the joy of sung spiritual practices from a host of traditions including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Aslan’s belief is that it is more important to sing than to sing right.  He skillfully leads groups into beautiful arrangements with ease, regardless of musical ability.  You can hear some of his repertoire at

Spiritual Director this year

Bernie Heideman has led dances all over the world for more than 20 years.  His lifelong passion is bringing vocal music, movement, and laughter to groups.  He has created many well know dances including Om Hum So Hum, Gayatri Mantra, Om Gum Ganapatayei, Healing Time (created with others), & Om Kleem Kali Kayei.  In the last year a whole new group of dances has emerged that are more focused, energetic,  and dancey.  These include Om Tare, Om Mane Padme Hum Halleluya, Bo Diddley Zikr, Gloria, Shree Ram Jai Ram, Guru Guru Wahe Guru, and many more.  Bernie feels these new dances will help spread the dances to next generation of dancers.
Bernie has been an organic apple farmer and organic gardener for 40 years in Western Colorado and started Big B's Juices.  He lives on the farm in Western Colorado with his extended family.  He leads with humor and ease and invites "presence" in every dance.  Bernie is a melody junky and a group singing junky.  He has been leading the Canyonlands Retreat with Sky Madjida and others for many years and is a regular leader at the Wilderness Dance Camp.  Bernie and his wife Adrianna started and have led the Puerto Morelos Mexico Dance Camp for the last 15 years.  Bernie has recorded 10 CD's of mostly original music and 2 DVD's of how to lead some of his dances.  His website is where you can listen to several of his CD's.  Bernie is a long time meditator, laughter yoga leader, & table tennis fanatic.

Narayan Eric Waldman is a Senior Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace and a member of the Ruhaniat Society as well as founder of the Oneness Project. Narayan’s style ranges from the sublime to the outrageous, but is always effective and inspiring. He has been gifted with numerous beloved dances and zikrs (Lord Make Me an Instrument, Here I Am, Om Shanti, Shema Israel, Tey Tey Malkutakh, Amen Alleluia, Ek Ong Kar and name just a few.) Narayan has facilitated many events throughout the US and the world including New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, Israel, Thailand and Russia. He has especially been helping the Dances spread by conducting Leader Trainings in equally far-flung places and with students ranging from neophytes to Mentors. His way of encouraging people to come into their own transmission of truth has helped a vast variety of styles to flourish. Having been a devotee of sacred song and dance since the 1960's and a leader of the Dances of Universal Peace for decades he considers himself a true disciple of the Dance. Engaging, humorous and charismatic, Narayan carries the joy of singing and dancing in praise of the Present, reminding anyone who’s listening that it’s useless to be anywhere else.

Connie Zareen Delaney writes “I AM the children of the planet. Their future is literally my future; not just of my DNA, but of my thoughts, loves and creations. At this point in the evolution of the universe the most rapidly evolving structure is the field of culture through which we think, feel, learn and be. It is the consciousness between us all. This is the structure of miracles that we influence through dance and movement. I see it as a future, fully conscious, being that we create with our hearts and tongues. Every action that we take today contributes to a fully awakened global consciousness that is capable of united action to nourish our garden planet. Let us dance and love ourselves into that world.”

Missing Camp this year!

Darvesha Victoria MacDonald says it was her love of nature that led her in the early 80’s to the Himalaya, where she magically encountered the Buddha Dharma and received teachings on Interdependence. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others realize we are interconnected and inseparable; that as the Whole flourishes, so do we as individuals; and that a life dedicated to the service of this realization is what makes us happy. Murshida Darvesha is the Chair of the Dances of Universal Peace Guidance Council and a Ziraat Experienced Farmer. She guides groups in the Buddhist meditation practice of Mindfulness. She and her partner use water catchment and solar systems in their off-the-grid straw bale house where they grow much of their own food.