Oneness Project

Board of Directors

Flathead Lake United Methodist Camp

August 1 - 3, 2009


Present: Phil Notermann, Linda Lindsay, Tony Rasch, Steve Gray, Patsy Boyer, Narayan Waldman, Darvesha MacDonald, Mansur Kreps, Ellen Fietz Hall, Shahar Solander, Daniel Kirchhof (Saturday evening and Sunday morning only)


Saturday 3 pm


The meeting began with a general welcome and sharing of impressions from this year’s Wilderness Camp week which just ended. Next we began brainstorming a list of Oneness Project’s current role with Dances of Universal Peace.


What is Oneness Project’s Role in the Dance World?

  1. Present camps
  2. Provide a different (from SRI) point of view on the DUP, non sectarian, binocular vision
  3. Provide information and resources to Dance Leaders via the web
  4. Work for unity among the entities and resources supporting the DUP
  5. Nurture its own personal and organizational development and model this for the Dance network – HR network
  6. Goodwill, generosity
  7. Help others to duplicate OP’s success
  8. Be a parochial/regional entity
  9. Committed to transformation
  10. Support the Dances worldwide
  11. Look at what’s needed next in the DUP world and do that
  12. Giving each other blessings
  13. Supporting direct experience
  14. Create synergy around vision
  15. Provide honesty about where the juice is
  16. Continuously seeking the heart of the Dances and provide what is needed
  17. Want to be an inspiration for the world
  18. Being authentic, tapping into raw energy
  19. Continue to show generosity and leadership wherever we can, without money but with our hearts and money


Adjourn for dinner 5:45 pm


The evening session was a Deep Check-In by those present, and adjourned at 10:15 pm.


Sunday 9:00 am


New Board Member

Phil moved to elect Mansur Kreps as a board member; Linda seconded. Passed by Consensus.


Finance Committee Report

Cash Flow Statement

Peter reviewed the cash flow statement for the year through June 30. He received an email from the Southwest Sufi Community saying they should hear by Monday from the bank regarding their loan, which will enable them to pay off their loan to OP. They have until August 9th. The amount shown on the report doesn’t include interest.



There was discussion and general agreement that Oneness Project should work toward presenting events in 2010. The group discussed Oneness Project’s unique role in the DUP community in presenting the Dances of Universal Peace in an experimental and authentic environment.


Unity Council Recommendations

Time was given for all to read through Rough Draft presented by the Unity Council.


In the subsequent discussion questions were raised regarding the future of PeaceWorks Publications, the new IN website project, fundraising for PeaceWorks, the make up of a new PeaceWorks board of directors, and the possibility of Peter serving as their executive director.


Adjourn for lunch until 2 pm



Peter stated there are no news updates from the lawyer.


Common Ground Property and Lease

Peter reported Two Creeks Community School still didn’t have enough students in June so we decided to rent to them on a month to month basis for two months, then they will decide by mid August. If they don’t lease it, then we have two rental units. We could consider selling the property, though $1200 in rent is a fairly good return on the investment. The income will be taxed because it is business unrelated to our mission statement.


Discussion followed and Tony suggested we refer this to the Finance Committee.


Minutes from June 18, 2009 Telecon

Phil moved we accept the minutes; Steve seconded. Passed by Consensus.


Those present then divided into two committees to meet, Unity Council group and Events Committee.


Unity Council Sub-Committee

Phil moved that we send the PeaceWorks Board of Directors and the Unity Council a ringing endorsement of the proposal and:

  1. Reaffirm commitments to creation of website.
  2. Solicit how else may we be of assistance

Consensus. Phil will write the letter to them.


Events Committee Report

Patsy Boyer, chair of the Events Committee, reported on Lava, noting OP received a $2000 donation this past spring earmarked for a safety net to cover Lava events for the next few years.


Initially we had a difficult time deciding on pricing to serve us best for Wilderness Camp this year, and we were successful. We had more attendees than expected, and we way more than broke even. There was no need to subsidize the event like we have in the past. We acted in a way that was responsible so we got the return of responsible action. This year the Dance leading staff and others donated their time and felt it was worth it to participate and come to such a beautiful place.


Discussion followed regarding requests for partial-time registration. The Events Committee will meet to look into the matter further and present a recommendation.


Adjourn for Dinner until 7:30 pm


Board of Directors Meetings for 2010

Holding board meetings being after retreats at Lava and Wilderness Camp was discussed. Lava is more difficult because not everyone on the board attends, and it would cost more than meeting at FLUMC. Meeting at Flathead is very affordable, $30/day/person this year. We can also take care of matters throughout the year via telecoms.


Human Resources

Steve, chair of the committee, reported with board development we’re not doing nuts and bolts, some of the surveys we filled out in the past added to the richness of the board. Diversity of the board is still an issue, and there is a need to bring on one or two young adults. Katie returning is a possibility if she’s interested, and some members have talked with Daniel about possibly joining the board. Mansur brought up the need also with having an experienced fundraiser either on the board or available as an advisor. Steve has talked with Sandy Allaudin about the board a few more times also.


Tony’s term ends in Spring 2010, as does Phil’s; Linda and Steve’s end Fall 2009. We don’t currently have any Directors in Training, and inviting people to serve on committees so we get to know them better was discussed. Some committee members can serve on committees only, and others may possibly become board members.


Committee Updates

Each committee will meet and define roles and make recommendations.


Library Grant Committee

Eliminate, no longer viable.


Grants Committee & Micro Grants

Eliminate, no longer viable.


Finance Committee

Tony Rasch, Mansur Kreps, Phil Notermann, Peter Reynolds (Linda Lindsay? Indicated she dropped off.)


Communications Committee

Shahar Solander chair, members Phil Notermann, Peter Reynolds


Events Committee

Patsy Boyer chair, members Linda Lindsay, Shahar Solander

We’d like to have a young adult also. Possibly Katie Hamida Wiese return, Eve Fagergren, Daniel Kirchhof, Ben Schaffner, or Jesse Hoag.


Youth Committee

Shahar Solander, Bob Effertz, Patsy Saphira, KatieHamida Wiese

We might ask Ben Schaffner, Eve Fagergren, possibly Jesse Hoag or Amy Tower.


Human Resources

Steve chair, Phil, Tony, Sandy Allaudin, Shahar

Ask Sandy Allaudin – as chair even if he is willing.


Fundraising Committee

Tony moved we establish a Fundraising Committee with Linda as Chair; Steve seconded. Passed by Consensus.


Shafiya Wilson from Cranbrook and Katie Anderson from Alberta are other potential members. Katie is willing to volunteer up to 20 hours a week.


Music and Media

Michael, Narayan, Peter, Tom

We taped WDC evening sessions this year and Michael volunteered to listen to tracks and add to database.



Wali Ali Meyer, Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz, Pir Shabda Kahn, Ellen Kaf-i-Mariam Fietz Hall, and Narayan Eric Waldman

They were all sent a letter this year asking if they’d like to continue in their roles.



We have received a number of unsolicited donations since the news of Madoff without much fundraising effort this year. It’s important the board members know who the donors are so they can acknowledge them A list will be sent out from the staff. We want to earmark the funds if donors don’t so they go to our programs.


Trustee in Training Policy

Phil moved we rescind our Trustee in Training Policy and request the HR develop some interim guidelines for developing new board members by October 31st. Linda seconded; passed by Consensus.


Ellen spoke saying she will stay on as an advisor to OP, but decline as a committee member. She was thanked for her years of participating in Oneness Project.


The board then brainstormed a list of potential committee members and volunteers in addition to those mentioned above: John Ward, Susan Allred, Brenda Adams, Jo Ann and John Lowell, Jamilla Nur Hannaford, and Elizabeth Morledge-Sayer.


Adjourn with prayer, 9:30 pm.


Monday 9 am


The meeting began with a review of goals for the meeting – see list from Saturday afternoon above.


One and Three Year Plan

We know what we’re doing this next year, putting on three events and helping with the INDUP website. We have idea where we’re going the next three.


Unity Council Report

There was further discussion regarding the report, and the need for clarification on some issues. Peter explained PeaceWorks is the administrative arm of MTG supporting Dances of Universal Peace internationally. OP is much more regional, an events presenter primarily.


Peter described his potential role with PeaceWorks in bringing forward the UC report and moving into a role as PeaceWorks Executive Director. With OP’s reduced role internationally OP’s need for his services becomes much more limited – perhaps to financial management and fundraising. He noted that if he works half time for PeaceWorks in 2010 he could continue to assist OP in the ways needed in a more limited capacity. Discussion followed regarding assisting PW by funding Peter to work for them until the end of 2009. We don’t have the money to sustain the next ten years, but we can this year.


Tony proposed funding Munir three days a week through the end of December – five months. Mansur seconded. Passed by Consensus.




Funding for Staff

Phil said the first thing we need is clarity of hours Shahar will need in her role in putting on events and helping Peter. Peter explained both he and Shahar worked a little over budget last year at half-time. Phil suggested 20 hours a week is the right amount until the end of the year.


Tony moved that until the end of the year we pay Shahar for half time. Phil seconded.


Discussion followed. Mansur clarified if financial straights got really serious then events would be the last thing we’d give up. We’re looking at how we best steward this money for the Dances. We are saying until the end of the year because OP wants the flexibility for course correction after that and the rest is trusting Allah.


Passed by Consensus.


Mansur moved that we pay Shahar $3000 for back unpaid time. Phil seconded.


Mansur explained it’s a very unusual situation; we constrained our staff where we requited them if they’re going to do their job they donated their hours. Phil suggested rather than paying for hours already worked we keep that in mind and look at this as a bonus issue for the end of the year. Mansur agreed and withdrew the motion.


In Body Meeting

Tony expressed he’d like to see an in-body meeting in February, six months from now. Phil said he would like a realistic implication of what our budget constraints are.




Adjourn 12 pm