Oneness Project Trustee Council

April 2001
Lava Hot Springs

Grants Committee Report:

Events Committee:
Events Committee reports that the Oregon/Washington Caravan was a tremendous success and met it goals of enhancing dance communities. The long distance traveling was quite challenging to the staff. Cost of the trip was $3800. The California Caravan has an expected expense of $3000.

Events Committee is granted $8100 for the 2 caravans and commended for a good job. 

Events Committee will start work on a Public Relations packet for the Caravans.

Events Committee is charged with writing a tent policy which includes wear and tear for renting it out. 

Children's Committee:
A budget of $1500 is established for the Children's committee to spend on shelter for children's programs. Purchasing a dome or renting necessary space is suggested.

Land Search:
Negotiations are ongoing with the Whidbey Institute for sharing retreat space on their 100 acres. Lee has started the process of looking for appropriate land on Whidbey Island.

$1000 contingency budget for land search is approved. 

Zareen reports that the new website is up and running. Website needs more pictures. It is recommended that we train the administrative assistant to update the web.

Newsletter is finished. Budget was $1495. Dates for next issue are expected to be a deadline of Sept 10 and printed Oct. 15th.

Library Books:
Kay has the libraries available. They cost about $200/set. Ashland, Bozeman and Helena have requested a library. Each set includes a binder with a notebook and a case with the cassettes. The library includes cards to check out the material and track it. A budget for 2001 of $2000 for 10 sets is approved. 

Administrative Assistant:
Diana Anthony-Avens is hired as Administrative Assistant. She will be the scribe for future meetings. 

Human Resources
Human Resources committee is approved a budget of $2000 for personnel development and $3500 to find and retain services of a coach or trainer. Approved $5500.

Music Committee:
The new CD, Crossing the Veil, it out with its beautiful cover. Friends of the Friend is also remade with a new cover. We do not have a progressive marketing program. 
A secure shopping cart is up and available on the website for people to buy CD's online.

Budget is approved for $1000 to hire a consultant to keep our IRS status current. 

Board Members Re-elected:
Narayan, Lee and Tony are re-elected to the board.
Zareen resigns. Linda Lindsay is elected to replace Zareen.

Advisory Committee:
Shabda, the new Pir-o-Mirshid of the Ruhaniat agrees to be on Oneness Adivosry Committee.

Foundation Dance Manual:
Oneness project will buy 50 copies of the manual for all MTG members at $25 each. Budget of $300 is approved.