Oneness Project Trustee Council

December 2001
Lava Hot Springs

Trustee Council meeting 12/5-7/2001:   Proposals and decisions


Proposal        That Love Dogs Review be published 3 or 4 times per year supported by advertising dance events for $5 to $15 per ad (?). Circulation is increased to include the Peaceworks US database.              

TC approval:  Approved


Proposal       "Mellow" Zikr CD for broader market niche 1000 CDs = ~$3,000

                    TC approval:  Approved

Proposal       Lee Compton will take over the archiving of all recorded material

                     Wants to hire someone @ $10 per hour ~$1,000

                    TC approval:  Approved

Proposal:       Dance CD

Dance CD, esp unpublished. N: Could take awhile because we need someone to head up the proposal

TC approval:  Approved


Proposal        BOZEMAN COMMUNITY CENTER - specifics; financial limits, etc.

                    That the Trustee Council agrees in principal that $300,000 is available for a community center in Bozeman. Before final approval is given the Trustee Council would need the following from the Bozeman community:

a) A vision concerning the community center

b) A business plan that demonstrates financial viability.

Discussion: The $300,000 is intended to fund the entire project.

TC approval:  Approved

Proposal        $2M for Seattle area retreat project & create support in Seattle group

                        Summary of discussion:

The proposal to fund a retreat center in the Seattle area in the amount of $2 million was withdrawn for several reasons. Trustee Council members had concerns about the size of the commitment in terms of both money and time and our ability to fully support and utilize such a facility. There were concerns about the logistics of managing the facility. The political issues involved in building/owning a center need clarification as well. As one TC member said, "Do we want a church building or a church without walls?" The same money could be used to support the expansion of dance communities via subsidies to keep events accessible to more people. It was agreed that other means of expanding the Dances would be explored, and the proposal was withdrawn.

After discussion, the proposal was withdrawn for further consideration.


Proposals      Approve Project Grant guideline changes

                Discussion:  Deadline change from Feb to April, putting the deadline 6 months apart. The Grants Committee’s work is more evenly distributed throughout the year.

                TC approval:  Approved to change deadline for Project Grants to April.

Proposal:    Approve DLT Grant guideline changes.

Decision to narrow focus to events primarily for DLT purposes with MTG or SIRS staff.

$100 per full day of training.

Applicants may apply one time per calendar year.

                TC approval:  Approved


Proposal       Tent policy including fees, rental and setup procedure, and approved setup personnel

                    TC approval:  Approved with contingency that insurance will be investigated


Proposal       Bring 4-8 Russian Dance children here (to sponsoring families) as part of a cross-cultural experience. Budget of $2,500 per child.

                    TC approval:  Approved to sponsor travel costs for Russian children in the amount of $2500 per child with a cap of around $20,000 for the entire program.

Proposal       Upgrade Lauren Burrei's computer or buy a new one Narayan buy ~$600

                     TC approval:  Approved


Proposal       Approve the 2002 G&A Guidelines

                    Include a statement about researching programming again in 2002 goals and objectives.

Proposal       Board Training/Questionnaire from Nancy Stetter to determine training desired

                    TC Approval: Approved board training for May 2002 Trustee Council meeting.

Proposal       Sabbatical for Narayan 2003 & an Executive Director

Discussion of the items but no specific items proposed or approved.