Oneness Project Trustee Council

January 4-6, 2001
Bozeman, Montana

In working to make our meetings more efficient we decide to submit agenda items prior to physical meetings and to come up with a preliminary agenda well before meeting. 

Committee heads will submit agenda meetings to Administrative Assistant who will draw up the preliminary agenda. The preliminary agenda can be approved by trustees by email meeting or conference call.

We will try to make as many decisions as possible through long distance communication methods such as email, chat room and conference calls. In the future all trustees will be required to have email and to be available for several conference calls between the twice yearly meetings. 

Communications committee and Administrative Assistant will work on an email protocol which will be administered by the Administrative Assistant.

It is decided that each committee will write up a statement of mission and goals. Each committee will also submit a yearly or bi-yearly budget and can submit agenda items for meetings at that time.

Council agrees to pay web development business (run by Wayne and Connie) $500 to clean up and organize the website so it is more useful. 

Grant application guidelines revisions are approved. New revisions are posted on website. 

Lee Amin is approved to representative of Oneness at the Jamiat. 

Narayan is approved as unofficial liaison to Peaceworks for now. 

Munir has been spending too much time on the phone fielding grant requests. It is decided to keep the telephone number on the grant proposal documentation, but that Munir will delegate calls to other grant committee members. Munir will track the time he spends on the phone and funding issues will be revisited later. 

Children's Program: Trustees approve funding $500 for children's program. Part of the funds will be for Lava programs. 

Administrative Assistant Job Description is read and approved. 

Updated Committee List is submitted and approved. 

The By-Laws will be rewritten to include a Vice President position, and Nuria will be named to that position. 

Rewriting of the Dance Leader Training Support Application and Grant is approved. New wording makes musicians or certified, supervised or mentored dance leaders eligible. Applications must be submitted 6 weeks in advance, only one application allowed a year. This grant is good for up to 50% of costs.

Grants Committee Policy for the grant cycle of 2001 is approved with addendum added to item #6 to "encourage projects taking place in the United States."

Endowment Fund Policy: If at the end of the granting cycle, some of the money available for distribution is unallocated, the unallocated money will move into the follwing two categories: 1_ 50% of the unallocated money will be considered to be part of the principle of the Endowment Fund. 2) %0% of the unallocated money will be rolled over and considered to be available for the next granting cycle.

Tom Braveheart Fund: Susan Sheely will be managing the fund (about $10,000). 90% of the earnings from this fund will be available for disbursements, there is a $750 maximum per person. Susan Sheely is committee chair for the Tom Braveheart fund and can assemble her own committee. She has specified that Tom wished this fund to be available for children, the disabled or those with terminal diseases and their caregivers. We will continue the note in the Love Dogs review that this fund is available for donations. 

Narayan agrees to enquire of the Advisory Committee about initiating a Merit Award Program for people with long time service in the Dance Network. 

It is agreed that Trustees whose terms are ending, or those needing to withdraw, will notify the Board prior to the day of the meeting about whether they will be renewing or not. 

When Trustees Council discusses a trustees renewal they will discuss that trustee and vote without them present. 

Nuria is approved as a Trustee

Scholarship funds in the amount of $600 are approved for Wilderness Dance Camp.

Tony, Narayan and Lee Amin's terms are up for renewal. All agree to be re-appointed and all appointments are approved.