Oneness Project Trustee Council                                                                                                                 A

Meeting Minutes

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hamilton, Montana


Present: Narayan Waldman, Sheila Lindquist, Linda Lindsay, Tony Rasch, Phil Notermann, Munir Reynolds, Ellen Fietz Hall, Shahar Solander, Steve Gray, Patsy Saphira Boyer, Stuart McKinnon, Trustee in Training, Tajali Tolan, Trustee in Training, Steve McArthur, meeting facilitator.


Minutes of Telephone Conference Call - May 11, 2007

Narayan – Move to approve minutes; Linda – Second; Consensus


Financial Report

Treasurer Tony Rasch presented the financial statements as of April 30 2007. Sheila asked about income and expense figures for Lava which were not yet reflected on this statement. Munir noted that the staff needs to get together and clear up any incorrect bookkeeping entries. Linda noted that the CD inventory isn’t likely worth $5000. Staff described a plan to obtain an accurate figure for CD inventories and have our CPA adjust the books. (See Appendix for Inventory)


Grants Committee

Munir presented the recommendations of the Grants committee. Two proposals, Watering the Sprouts and Youth Dancing Year 3, were approved via email previously. Trustees asked questions regarding specific proposals. Narayan asked that staff send the grants worksheet out to trustees when it goes to the committee so they will have the list of proposals and can request to see any in advance if they’d like.

Tony – move to pass; Narayan – second. Consensus.


Tajali in Training

Steve reported that Tajali Teresa Tolan accepted the board’s invitation and is now a trustee-in-training.


Philosophy of Money Policy Amendment

Steve Gray presented the honorarium policy amendment first proposed in the telecom. He noted that this amendment is a part of the volunteer policy; in particular how we address trustees leaving the board. We are looking at other ways of acknowledging the work trustees give, such as reduced fees to events. Sheila – Move to pass; Narayan – Second. Consensus


Term Renewal for Tony Rasch

Tony asked to renew his term as trustee. “Two years ago I felt maybe it was time to step aside and get new blood, but it hasn’t happened yet. We need to have 5 members on the council, and if we have 6 members I might step down. If I feel I can make a positive effect I will continue and fill out my term.” Tony left the room for discussion. Narayan – Moved to accept renewal; Linda – Second. Consensus.


Loan Request from California Quarterly

Munir presented an email from Ananda Hazzard that came in the middle of May asking Oneness Project to loan them with a deposit in reserving space for a regional event. We’ve done this in the past, and they have paid us back. This request falls within the loan guidelines specified in the OP policy manual.

Sheila – Move to accept; Linda – Second; Consensus.


Upcoming Meeting Dates

The Trustees discussed possible dates and decided on the weekend of November 16-18, 2007 for the fall, 2007 meeting.


Options were discussed for the spring, 2008 including meeting mid-week instead of on a weekend. It was decided to keep the period May 13-17, 2008 open while staff researches whether mid-week flying is more expensive. The weekend of May 10-13 is also a possibility.


Telecom Circle Discussion

Discussion followed with those present on the telecom call; facilitated by Steve McArthur.


Meeting Adjourned at 11:30 am