Oneness Project Trustee Council

May 11 – 13, 2002
1309 S. 3rd, Bozeman, MT

May 11, 2002 9am

Present at meeting:  Eric Narayan Waldman, President, Tony Rasch, Treasurer, Jerry Fries, Trustee, Linda Lindsay, Trustee, Wayne Talmadge, Chair Human Resources. Peter Munir Reynolds, Chair Grants Committee, Talia Marcus, Grants Committee. Ellen Khafi-Mariam, Advisor to the Board, Connie Zareen Delaney, Chair Events & Communications Committees

Faith Rose, observing

First order of business consisted of Board Development facilitated by Nancy Stetter, MS.. After lunch committees met until 3:30.

May 11, 2002 3:30 PM

Present at meeting

Eric Narayan Waldman, President "NE"

Ginger Nuria Lee, Vice President "N"

Tony Rasch, Treasurer "TR"

Jerry Fries, Trustee "JF"

Linda Lindsay, Trustee "LL"

Wayne Talmadge, Chair Human Resources "WT"

Peter Munir Reynolds, Chair Grants Committee "M"

Talia Marcus, Grants Committee "TTM"

Ellen Khafi-Mariam, Advisor to the Board "EKM"

Connie Zareen Delaney "Z"

Faith Rose, observing

Nancy presented the results of her survey of the Trustee Council and Committee members. Survey results were discussed. The Board Development committee will consider further training to be pursued.PROPOSAL: N Minutes will be submitted within 2 weeks to TC members and committee chairs & everyone present, amended and published

The President’s Position Statement

Extensive discussion of the long-term future of Oneness Project and possible directions it may take. No proposals decided.


May 12, 2002

Present: Narayan Eric Waldman, Nuria Ginger Lee, Tony Rasch, Jerry Fries, Linda Lindsay, Peter Munir Reynolds, Talia Marcus, Wayne Talmadge, Zareen Connie Delaney.


Grants Committee Report

Spring 2002 Grant Award Summaries
Total Proj Amount
Project Title Applicant Researcher Cost Requested Use(s) of grant


Dance France Wahaba Karuna Jerry



Spreading the DUP to France


Expanding the Dances to Unity Lauren Burrei Ellen



Increase DUP participation in the Unity church


Shabda Khan to Montana Star Jameson Talia



Travel & honorarium support for Shabda


Spanish CD Production Felisa Chalcoff Munir



Artists fees and CD production costs


Int'ntl Baltic DUP Camp - Unicorn Ludmilla Stratanovich Nuria



Travel and expenses for foreign teachers






PROPOSAL: NE: Proposal to approve grants as recommended by Grants Committee.

LL: Second

Carried unanimously.


Will be awarded out of general fund.

Grant for 1/2 the expense of a Laptop for Brazil RegNet (Sabira Christina Dora) $750 Up to $750



Darvesha Travel $5,000

Reviewed by Grants Committee, recommendation not to act on this proposal was accepted by the TC because of its late arrival.



Review of Board Development Survey results

#Set three priorities at each meeting

#Sense of measure w/ respect to goal accomplishment

PROPOSAL: Tony Rasch: The Bylaws be amended as proposed by TR, EKM and Munir.

Second: Jerry Fries

The amendments to be decided are as follow:

Article 3, Section 1 be amended to read: "The Corporation shall have 5 (five) to 9 (nine) Trustees and collectively they shall be known as the Trustees Council."

Discussion: Nuria: Question whether "Trustees" or "Trustee". Decision made to use "Trustee."

Article 3, Section 1 is amended to read: "The Corporation shall have 5 (five) to 9 (nine) Trustees and collectively they shall be known as the Trustee Council."

Article 3 Section 8: To be added as final sentence: " ‘Consensus’ means unanimous agreement among all those eligible to render the decision."

Article 3 Section 11 shall be amended to read: "A quorum shall consist of three-fifths (3/5) of the members of the Trustee Council."

Article 3 Section 12: "board of directors" shall be amended to read "board of trustees."

Article 3 Section 12 shall be amended to read: "Modified consensus is described as follows: If the board of trustees does not come to consensus on a decision they are required to dance and try to sort it out. If they still can’t come to agreement they will use a facilitated process, dance and try to sort it out. If they still fail to come to a decision, the decision is made by vote and passes by a simple majority."

NE: Move to approve changes to Bylaws

LL: Second

N: Motion to adopt the additional provision that "items for TC consideration be moved, seconded, discussed and then disposed of before a new item is taken up."

TR: Second


Proposal to amend Bylaws is approved.

PROPOSAL: NE: Propose we hire Munir Peter Reynolds as Executive Director of OP with starting date to be announced. Contract to be developed by ED hiring committee consisting of Nuria, Narayan, WT, M.. Email approvals from TC.

Second: N



PROPOSAL: Nuria offers a motion that OP will consider making capital loans to communities that "eat, dance and pray together."

Narayan: Second

Discussion generated a list of Pros and Cons with respect to Oneness making capital loans:

N: Not enough time allotted to do this process and consider the loans. Consensus check

N: Withdraws the proposal

NE: Consents


SSC Loan Proposal

Proposal before the Board of Trustees to loan the Southwest Sufi Community $360,000 for the purpose of retiring a loan with a local bank to be repaid from the proceeds of sale of a 200 acre parcel adjacent to the community.

Ellen Kaf-i-Mariam Fietz-Hall states for the purpose of presenting a loan proposal from the Southwest Sufi Community she will act as their spokesperson and advocate. The minutes will refer to her comments as SSC for the duration of this presentation.

TR: Motion to discuss SSC loan proposal.

N: Second

Discussion: The Trustees had questions about the value of the property, size of the resident community and scope of outreach and programs. There was concern that the Oneness Project funds be used most effectively. There was more discussion of the merits on Oneness Project becoming a lender. The amount of the loan and shortness of time to research and reach an informed decision were key discussion points. Two Trustees expressed their intention to abstain from voting.

TR: Withdraws proposal for a $360k loan to SSC.

N: Consent

TR Motion to loan SSC $62K to make their July payment

Second: NE

Discussion: The Trustees were in general agreement that lending $62,000 would give them more time to make a better-informed decision about lending larger amounts.



Tent Policy

Zareen passed around copies of the proposed tent policy developed by herself and Wayne. It was read by Trustees and committee members who were present. Wording was discussed.

N: Propose the Tent Policy be accepted as amended.

LL: Second



Oneness Staff Policy

M: Move that all Oneness events with paid staff require that staff dance leaders must be certified or supervised leaders as of September 2, 2002.

LL: Second



Byron & Dot Fears Partnership Proposal

Narayan: Read letter from the Fears offering partnership with OP to create retreat in NW US.

Narayan: Propose that OP will further explore the possibilities and communicate with the Fears about the consonance of our mutual visions with respect to a retreat center partnership.

N: Second

Discussion: Narayan, Nuria and Talia all expressed trust in Byron & Dot's capabilities.




Present: Narayan Eric Waldman, Nuria Ginger Lee, Tony Rasch, Jerry Fries, Linda Lindsay, Peter Munir Reynolds, Talia Marcus.

Dates for next TC meeting


DATE of next TC Board Meeting: 9/17 thru 9/20

Paonia Loan Proposal

NE: Move to conditionally accept this proposal without agreement on any particulars. Within a week specific questions for clarification will be communicated

N: Second

Discussion: M: Board approves contingent on certain questions being clarified and additional information provided. NE will be responsible to follow through. I would probably abstain if I were voting. If we had a finance committee working on this it would require hours of research to reach a point of approval.

NE: Need appropriate legal documentation.

A Trustee stated they would abstain, saying not sure it's direction OP wants to be taking.

NE: Withdraws motion

N: concurs


N: Motion to send Paonia Loan Proposal back to committee.

JF: Second

Approved with one abstention


Narayan is elected and entrusted as OP's representative at the upcoming ICC meeting in Holland and in any meetings that may arise during that period.


Wilderness Dance Camp Food Costs

NE: Move to subsidize extra food costs (organic, shmorganic!) for WDC for 2002.

JF: Second

Discussion: Fees will be raised next year to accommodate the increased cost of food.



Discussion re improving OP Operating Budget procedures


Proposal to give gifts

N: Move to allocate $300 for appreciation gift for former board members and certain volunteers.

NE: Second


Discussion and listing of possible candidates for Trustee Council