Oneness Project Trustee Council

May 22 – 23, 2004 
1309 S. 3rd Bozeman, Montana
Draft Minutes

Saturday May 22, 9am;  Present: Narayan Eric Waldman, Tony Rasch, Jerry Fries, Linda Lindsay, Phil Noterman, Ellen Kaf-I-Mariam Fietz-Hall, Susan Sheely, SteveO Gray, Shahar Solander, Jaya Sheila Lindquist; Peter Munir Reynolds, Diana Anthony Aven

The meeting opened with dancing.  Following a dyad check-in, Jerry reviewed the deep listening process to be used by the TC and read a Hafiz poem.

Approval of Minutes from October, 2003 Meeting

Jerry: Move we approve minutes

Tony: Second

Passed by consensus


Common Grounds Purchase Added to Agenda

Tony: Move to place proposal to purchase Common Ground Center on agenda

Linda: Second

Passed by consensus


Grants Committee Recommendations

Munir reviewed the Grants Committee recommendations. 

Tony:  Move we approve total Grants Committee recommendation of $26,243.

Jerry: Second

Questions and discussion.

Passed by consensus


Project Title




At the Oasis: with Shabda and Tamam

Harrisburg Pa Community of the DUP



Brazilian Regional Network DUP Meeting

Sebastiao Guerra


  ** May resubmit**

CD Universal Wind - Sweden

Cajsa Ty Pettersson



Claudia Cuman's North American Tour

Brian Jameson



Czech Dance Camp

Rahmaan Productions



Incorporating Dances into Ziraat

Vakil Forest Shomer



Maui's 15th Annual Fall Sufi Camp

Maui Sufi Camps



NANDUP Database and Website




Portuguese Foundation Dance Manual Project

Brazilian Network for DUP



Ruhaniat 2004 Summer Camp

Sufi Ruhaniat Int'l Germany



Shabda and Allaudin in New Zealand




Unity OP DUP Grant

Unity Church of Clearwater Valley















Estonian Dance Camp

Narayan: Move that OP award a $360 safety net grant to the 2004 Estonian Dance Camp and that funds, if needed, be awarded from the general fund.

Tony: Second

Discussion: Grants Committee recommended the proposal be funded despite the missed deadline because of the small amount & safety net nature of the request.

Passed by consensus


Human Resources Committee

Defining trustee “leave of absence” Questions & discussion.


Review and Assignment of Committee Chairs

The TC made an initial review of committee slots to be filled.  Linda Lindsay is considering serving as Events Committee chair but wishes to redefine the position.  She is interviewing OP volunteers who have been involved with events for information and to develop recommendations.  It was noted that the land search/Wilderness Dance Camp venue search needs a chairperson and direction.  The TC tabled the assignment of chairs until later in the meeting.

OP Trustee Job Description 

Narayan: Move OP Trustee Job Description be approved as written and added to the policy manual

Phil: Second

Passed by consensus


Survey Report on Long Range Planning Meeting

JF passed out follow-up Survey Report from the LRPM in Feb 2004.

Changes to Bylaws 

Jerry: Propose that previously adopted change to Article 4, Sections 1-8 be amended in Article 4, Section 1 to read:  The officers of the corporation shall be a Trustee Council Chair, a Vice Chair and a Treasurer.

Narayan: Second

Passed by consensus

In Article 4, Section 1, delete the second sentence:  The corporation may have an Executive Director ….  This section would then read:  The officers of the corporation shall be a Trustee Council Chair, a Vice Chair and a Treasurer.

In all Articles of the Bylaws change all references from President to Trustee Council Chair (TCC) and all references from Vice President to Trustee Council Vice Chair (TCVC).

Election Procedure 

Narayan: Move to accept election procedure and enter into Policy Manual

Phil: Second

Passed by consensus


Election of Officers – Chair & Vice Chair

Tony: Nominates Jerry Fries for Chair of Trustee Council

Narayan: Second

Phil: Move nominations cease

Jerry Fries is elected to Chair of OP TC for a 2-year term.


Open nominations for Vice Chair

Jerry: Nominates Linda Lindsay

Narayan: Move nominations cease

Phil: Second

Linda Lindsay is elected Vice Chair for a 2-year term.


Tony Rasch is elected Treasurer by acclamation.

Finance Committee 2003 Year End Report

Tony Rasch reviewed the OP 2003 year end financial reports.  Questions & discussion followed.  Previously awarded grants that have not yet been disbursed were expensed in 2003 and are now carried in a liability account entitled “grants payable”. 

2004 Year to Date Budget Report

Tony reviewed the OP 2004 year to date financial reports.  Narayan noted that because Dancing $ investors’ donations to OP are not made until year-end OP does not show income yet in that category. 

Proposed Change to 2004 Grants Budget

Tony: Move to increase the 2004 grants budget by $40,000 to $87,956.

Linda: Second

Discussion: Tony explained that the 2004 grants budget is likely insufficient to fund all the worthy projects.   This proposal makes $40,000 of the $117,071 general fund surplus from 2003 available for grant awards in 2004. 

Passed by consensus


Break for lunch, dancing. 

Reconvene at 1:30 pm; Present: Narayan Eric Waldman, Tony Rasch, Jerry Fries, Linda Lindsay, Phil Noterman, Ellen Kaf-I-Mariam Fietz-Hall, Susan Sheely, SteveO Gray, Shahar Solander, Jaya Sheila Lindquist; Peter Munir Reynolds, Diana Anthony Aven


Land Search

Narayan urged that the Trustee Council’s position on owning and operating a retreat center be kept open-ended so that we may respond to future opportunities that may arise.  Peter noted that the trustee council does not have a clear consensus on how to proceed in this area. 


Common Ground Center

Tony reviewed a written proposal regarding purchase of the Common Ground Center in Hamilton, Montana.  The TC discussed various issues, including income generation, programming opportunities, creating a model for community utilization of resource, and the possibility of OP being lender or guarantor of future grassroots projects in other communities and management questions.  No action taken.


Southwest Sufi Community Loan Proposal #1

Tony: Propose that the TC grant the Southwest Sufi Community (SSC) request for $50,000 loan.  The loan is to be interest-free for one year, OP would retain second position lien on the property. After one year an interest rate comparable to that attained by Dancing$ fund would take effect.

Narayan: Second

Passed by consensus of those voting, with two members abstaining


Second Southwest Sufi Community Proposal #2

Narayan: Finance Committee recommends that the Trustee Council decline SSC’s second proposal that OP provide financing for purchaser(s) of SSC property. 

Linda: Second

Passed by consensus


Wayne Talmadge, Human Resources Committee and Connie Zareen Delaney joined the meeting.


Philosophy Around Money Policy Statement

The TC reviewed a draft OP “Philosophy Around Money” policy statement drafted out of the OP’s Long Range Planning Retreat.  TC consensus was it was a good start but needed the addition of general principles and various changes.  Peter will revise and present it again. 


Vision Statement

Check in.  Susan Sheely offered an edited version.  Susan, Phil & Narayan will work on the statement further this evening. 


Wilderness Dance Camp Tent Setup Report

Wayne presented a proposal to level the volleyball field at Camp Wapiti to create a level place where the tent can be erected for Wilderness Dance Camp.  Discussion followed of various issues of the proposal, including the cost.  Peter pointed out that there may not be enough open days in Camp Wapiti’s schedule to allow for a project of this scope before Wilderness Camp 2004.  The consensus of the TC was to not move forward with leveling the site because of the cost and the long-term desirability of the Camp Wapiti for Wilderness Camp.


The TC considered Glenn Harvey’s 3rd option of using the pavilion, which would require purchase of carpet remnants to add to our existing padding to make the concrete surface better for dancing.  Tony pointed out that we are now considering a true wilderness option on FS/BLM land where a camp could be held.  Transportable facilities would need to be secured.  Proximity to airport is a limiting factor.  We will also need storage in the near term for purchased items.  Consensus was to use the pavilion for WDC 2004.


Traveling Tent Proposal from Bernie Heideman

Jerry: Propose that OP purchase a 38’ diameter tent at a cost of up to $4,000 to make available to dance circles in the US according to the provisions noted below. 

Linda: Second

Discussion: Increase from $4,000 to $4,500 to cover rush contingency.  A committee will need to put provisions for the tent’s use & instructions on paper.  Wayne is willing to codify tent use & care.  The tent will be stored with the last user.  Risk and insurance need to be covered in the tent policy.

Passed by consensus

Traveling Tent Proposal: Jerry Fries proposes that Oneness make a traveling 38-foot tent available to dance circles in the United States.  The tent would come from the same company that made the 52-foot tent that Oneness currently owns.  The top of the 38-foot tent comes in two parts that weigh 130# each (under the limit for UPS) and the sides   weigh much less(about 70#).  This is the largest tent that can travel by UPS.  This size tent would dance 70-80 people.  The top and sides cost around $2900.  The hardware and ropes cost around $700.  Alternative #1. Oneness buys the vinyl tent top and sides and makes it available to any dance group that wants to use it.  It would be the dance groups’ responsibility to buy and own the poles and ropes and tools to put the tent up.  The group would pay UPS freight from the last location (around $300. to anywhere in the country).   Alternative #2  Oneness also helps any group buy the hardware but the group pays Oneness back eventually for the hardware.   This proposal would make an inexpensive retreat space available to dance groups all over the country and facilitate inexpensive dance retreats.  Oneness would have the opportunity to participate in creating events around the country-send a leader trained to supervise tent set up the tent and help get events going. The Hotchkiss/Durango group are planning a five day campout retreat near Mancos Colorado June 21-26 and would love to use a tent this size.

Bernie Heideman will order the tent.

The TC reviewed the remaining agenda items.  Ellen Kaf-i-Mariam (who is departing early Sunday morning) asked to speak to the proposed Common Ground purchase and gave it a strong endorsement.


Meeting Convened Sunday May 22, 2004 at 9am with Dancing

Present: Narayan Eric Waldman, Tony Rasch, Jerry Fries, Linda Lindsay, Phil Noterman, Wayne Talmadge, Susan Sheely, SteveO Gray, Shahar Solander, Jaya Sheila Lindquist; Peter Munir Reynolds, Diana Anthony Aven


Trustees Leave of Absence

Jerry: Move TC adopts Trustee Leave of Absence Policy and place it in the OP Policy Manual

Narayan: Second


Passed by consensus


OP Philosophy Around Money

Munir distributed a draft of the OP philosophy around money.  Discussion followed.  The Finance Committee and Executive Director will further edit the document via email.

Communications Committee

Phil Noterman presented a report about possible redesign of the OP web site, including issues with the site that have been identified.  These including making the site feel warmer and confining the “clubby” aspects of the site to specific areas, reducing download time of some pages, and a need for more user-friendly interface for non-English-speaking people.  We may need to change the web host.  A conference call to discuss web site changes was proposed.  Phil: Solicit input from TC re OP communications issues.  OP’s main communication vehicles are its newsletter & the web.  Jerry asked the Communications committee to define an email protocol for decision-making.

Archive Project

Archivist Michael Sheehan has asked for a raise, and Lee Amin wants to be paid for work on projects & space rental for OP’s archives office.  Discussion followed regarding the future of the Archive project.  Narayan noted that the archive project is really an investment in a future time when most music will be distributed via the internet.  He added that archiving is getting more expensive and OP needs to apply more oversight.  Referred to committee of Munir and Narayan to redirect Archive project within existing budget. 

Common Ground Proposal

Tony: Move to adopt proposal to purchase Common Ground in Hamilton, MT subject to certain contingencies to be determined by the Finance Committee.

Phil: Second

Discussion:  SS asked if OP would consider a partnership with a community cooperative.   Hamilton Dance circle assume responsibility.  A budget and cost-benefit analysis is needed.

Passed by Passed by consensus


Text of Proposal: The Oneness trustee council agrees in principle that it is a good idea for Oneness Project to purchase Common Ground in Hamilton, Montana, provided that certain conditions are met.  The council authorizes an ad hoc committee consisting of Peter Reynolds, Jerry Fries, Tony Rasch, and Eric Waldman to negotiate a contract and to give final approval to any purchase.  The council instructs the ad hoc committee to be certain the following conditions are met:

1)       The purchase price is in the neighborhood of $200,000 and is at or below the appraised value of the property.

2)       There is reasonable expectation that the Hamilton Dance Circle will be able to generate enough money to cover all expenses other than the mortgage.  Specific expenses include taxes, utilities, insurance, maintenance, and management of the facility.

3)       A list of pros and cons for buying or not buying the property are carefully crafted and the ad hoc committee agrees by consensus that the pros outweigh the cons.  Specific items to consider including zoning, adequacy of parking, physical integrity of the buildings, willingness of the Hamilton Dance Circle to undertake the project, likely benefits that would accrue to the regional dance community.

OP Vision Statement

Oneness Project serves a worldwide community of dancers who share the deep sense of connection evoked through the Dances of Universal Peace.  Through sacred dance, leadership, collaboration and grants we encourage the human family to realize its essential unity. 

Jerry: Propose acceptance

Linda: Second

Passed by consensus


Committee Personnel

The TC returned to filling vacant committee chair and member positions. The following committee personnel were established:

Children’s Program Committee

Linda noted Doug Saddiq Sparks is interested in serving as Chair of this committee.   Linda will invite Saddiq to Chair OP’s Children’s committee and attend the Creative Arts for Peace camp.  Shahar will serve on committee. We will invite Saddiq to attend the next TC meeting.

Events Committee

Linda Lindsay accepts Chair. Members: Phil, Jaya, Munir, Diana

Grants Committee

Phil Noterman, Jaya Lindquist join committee.  Current Members: Peter, Jerry, Linda, Ellen.

Land Search 

Change this committee’s name to Land and Camp Search.  Lee Compton is not attached to being Chair, but would like to remain on committee.  Narayan noted that Lee has valuable experience.  Approach Gonnie Siebel to assist in search.  Susan Sheely is interested but has a limited time availability.  Tony agrees to serve as new Chair of Land & Camp Search. 

Music Committee

 Jerry: Sent out survey to JonJon Stravers, will follow up as possible member of committee.  Linda: Michael Sheehan added to committee.


Chair: Phil; Members: Munir, Diana, Steve-O, Shahar

Ad Hoc Common Grounds Committee

Jerry, Tony, Eric, Peter, SteveO

Finance Committee 

Chair: Tony Rasch; Members: Narayan, Linda, Lee Compton

Human Resource Committee

Chair: Jerry.  Jerry has created a 4-point Committee Team Agreement that he will share with all other committees.  Wayne remains a member; Susan & SteveO joining committee. Linda: Resigned from committee

Library Committee

Shahar has discussed helping Kay.  Zareen’s index of Dances, Richard Shelquist has online index of Dance Library. 

Library Report: Kay contacted everyone who has received a library in past two years and received positive report from all but two people.

Braveheart Fund Committee

Chair: Susan Sheely; Members: Jane Jacobsen, Yarri Soteros, Steveo Gray

Susan Sheely reports: No grant requests, no donations for the quarter.  Tom’s anniversary is coming up.  She will send letter to DUP listserve, request Dance circles participate in heart-centered dance and make contributions to the fund in Tom’s memory.  Since it’s been half a year with no requests we would like to give some awards to several people who are doing outreach with letters of appreciation, solicit information about their programs.  Total giveaway would be $750-800, or half of the year’s available funds.

Request from Kabira

Kabira Kirby asked that Peaceworks Pubs be allowed to market new products to our email list.  The consensus was that we contact our email list offering them the option not to receive PW Pubs email advertising, then provide the amended list to Peaceworks Pubs for their use.

Listening Coach Report

Jerry:  We’re doing very well; thank you.

Next Council Meeting

Nov 12-14, 2004.  Tony: If we purchase Common Ground should we meet there? 

Brazilian Regional Network Meeting

After the grants committee presented new information the Trustees approved by consensus a grant award of up to $850 for the Brazilian Network project if they resubmit a revised proposal that meets the criteria of the committee.

Meeting closed with dancing.