Oneness Project Trustee Council

May 20 – 21, 2006

Common Ground Center, Hamilton, Montana


Present: Jerry Fries, Tony Rasch, Phil Notermann, Linda Lindsay, Narayan Eric Waldman, Jaya Sheila Lindquist, Steve Gray, Tom Schmeling, Susan Sheely, Ellen Fitz-Hall, Vajra Mary Steele; Staff present: Munir Peter Reynolds, Shahar Solander.


The meeting convened at 8:45 am with dance and a check-in process. Peter Reynolds was selected as meeting facilitator; Steve as deep listening coach.  Agenda item numbers are given in the bold headings below:


A1) November 12 – 13, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Jerry moved and the board agreed by consensus to approve the minutes from the November 2006 board meeting as distributed.


E1—Discussion about Jaya as new Trustee

Jerry moved to accept and the board approved by consensus Sheila Jaya Lindquist’s appointment as a new trustee.  Peter commended Jaya for the work she has done tracking so many things that need to be taken care of and cited the January Events Committee meeting in Missoula held at her home to begin planning for this year. Another events meeting planned for this September.


C1—Grants Committee Recommendations

Peter presented the funding recommendations from the grants committee for TC approval. He gave an overview of the proposals and some of the issues the committee has addressed in the past period.  Jerry moved that the grant recommendations be accepted and the motion passed by consensus.







Project Title



Use(s) of grant


Amida's "Return to Colombia"

Colombia, SA

Sylvia Murillo

Travel expense to Colombia for Amida Harvey to lead two weekend workshops, public events and class with dance leaders.


Challenge Grant for Aotearoa Dance Tent

New Zealand

Peaceful Steps Trust - Premanand Provan

Challenge grant to assist New Zealand dance community in raising funds for purchase of dance tent and accessories


Creative Arts for Peace Camp 2006



Staff travel and honoraria, promotional support and tuition support for this 3rd year of a DUP family held near Washington, DC July 10-16, 2006


Cusco, Peru Outreach Project

Peru, SA

José Chiriboga

Travel expenses for DUP leaders from Lima to travel to Cusco for an outreach project


Dance Material in Spanish


Sylvia Murillo

Travel and expenses for a Spanish-language DUP CD to be recorded in Spain in July, 2006


Dancing in Poland



Travel and honoraria for Wali and Arienne van der Zwan to introduce the DUP to the yearly Sufi Order Camp in Gdansk in July, 2006


Dancing in the Dharma


Anahata Iradah

Travel and hall rental for Anahata Iradah to lead DUP events in St. Petersburg and Perm, Russia


Expanding Circles of Peace


Khalisa Brenda Spencer

Venue, honoraria, travel and scholarship support for a three-year project to build the dance community in Edmonton, Alberta


Sowing the DUP at São Paulo University


Patricia Tolentino

Honoraria, travel and support to establish the Dances at São Paulo University


Training in Saratov


Ekatarina Karpova (Katya)

Travel and honoraria for Wali and Arienne van der Zwan to present a dance leader training in Saratov Russia, September 2006


Youth Dancing, Year 2


Silke Alima and Michael Ali Stoeckel

Honoraria, travel, board and lodging for the 5 team members leading the youth retreat


Riding the Wave (Fall 2005)


SRI Youth Scholarship Fund

Special award to new SRI scholarship fund for youth earmarked for Mendocino Sufi Youth Camp








C2—Micro Grants Report

Peter reviewed the $2,400 in Micro Grant awards given thus far in 2006. Only $600 remains of the $3,000 total budgeted for the program in 2006. He said the micro grant proposals have all been worthy requests and the grants have been very much appreciated. Narayan moved the TC accept the grants committee’s recommendation to allocate another $2,100 to this program for a total of $5,100, taking the funds from the project grants budget. The motion was approved by consensus.


H1—Library Grants Committee Report

Tony moved: “The Library Committee be granted a supplemental budget of up to $2,500 to be used between now and the November board meeting. This money will be taken from the budget available for general grants. Any money not spent by the November board meeting will be transferred back to the budget available for general grants.” Linda seconded. Tony noted that applications to the program are growing, in part because of better promotion of these grants and listing on our website. OP has already spent slightly over the money allocated this year for 10 libraries at a total of $2,070. Motion passed by consensus.


As an adjunct grants issue, Susan noted that the Policy Manual currently states that Project Grants Committee oversees Tom Braveheart fund. Discussion followed. Peter asked if the TC would agree to eliminate that statement found on p. 13 of the Policy Manual. Agreed by consensus.


D) Events Committee Job Description

Jaya presented the revised committee job description written composed by the committee last January. We are losing Tessa as Committee Member. Discussion followed wording regarding Lava management and EC’s role with Community Building was clarified. Jaya moved to accept the job description and place it in the policy manual. Jerry seconded the motion, and it was approved by consensus.


D1) WDC Camp Director Job Description

Jaya presented and reviewed the WDC Camp Director Job Description. Discussion followed regarding the span of control of this position. Questions were raised regarding the language describing the qualifications for the position. Jaya and Peter revised the language and it was presented in the following form. Jaya moved and Linda seconded that it be approved as amended and placed in the policy manual. Passed by consensus. 


“The Camp Director is responsible for setting the tone, content, and program of Wilderness Camp. The Camp Director also selects the teaching staff. The Camp Director may have input into the choice of camp manager and support staff necessary to create the camp ambience. The Camp Director will promote the camp by writing text for the flyer and by helping staff define strategies for promotion. The Camp Director assists Oneness Project with the recruitment of volunteers and others who will make the camp happen.


Oneness Project’s Event Committee appoints the Camp Director in consultation with OP staff two years prior to Wilderness. The camp director must be a certified dance leader and preferably have served on the WDC dance staff for at least 2 years. The Events Committee may choose to modify this policy. The Camp Director is expected to serve the vision and spirit of Oneness Project by becoming familiar with OP philosophy. The Camp Director shall operate Wilderness Camp within all established OP policies.


OP staff provides the base budget to the Camp Director with income and expenses based on past experience. The Camp Director will work within these general income and expense parameters to identify the staff needed to set the program. The Events Committee submits the budget subsidy amount for Wilderness Camp at the fall TC meeting for inclusion in the following fiscal year’s budget. If the Camp Director or OP staff request a significant deviation from the approved subsidy, the Events Committee must review and secure TC approval in advance of going forward with the deviation.”


D2—Considerations on Changing WDC to a Camp-Out type venue

Jaya presented two handouts discussing the issues surrounding a possible change of Wilderness Dance Camp to a camp-out type venue. Jaya moved “that Oneness Project actively explore making WDC 2007 a campout camp and that no later than WDC 2006 we will have information regarding feasibility needed to make a decision regarding moving forward. The Events Committee will submit a draft report, and Trustees will make the final decision.” Narayan seconded the motion. Much discussion followed regarding logistical, scheduling, financial and other issues. The motion passed by consensus, and it was agreed that the Events and Land Search Committees will carry forward the research on this possibility, including exploring potential sites.


D3 Children/Teen Report

Jaya presented a report on recent youth/teen programming. The Children/Teen Committee is now comprised of Jaya and Shahar, and they are seeking another member. One of the challenges facing OP is finding qualified volunteers to work with children and the right space for children’s programs at Lava.


D5 Lava – Clarification of Policy Issues

Who Pays Registration Fees for Lava?

Jaya presented current text from the OP Policy Manual which states that all dance leaders pay the Lava registration fee and asked whether the TC wants to continue this policy. Discussion followed which indicated the TC favored paying the registration fee of the main leaders. Tony moved to amend D5 to the text shown below, waiving the registration fee of up to 5 dance leaders who help coordinate the Lava program. Phil seconded the motion to amend the text and this passed by consensus. Additional text was proposed by Jaya and agreed by consensus to provide a free retreat, and to pay the room and honorarium for the logistical karma-yoga coordinator, at this time who is Tony Uberagua. The text below reflects all changes approved and to be updated in the policy manual:


In the case of Lava Hot Springs Retreat, Oneness Project pays for the services of a cook, registrar, and childcare provider(s). Logistical coordinator(s) receive a free retreat, lodging, and honorarium. OP may also pay the lodging and travel expenses of a specially invited guest leader(s). All of the above also receive fee credit for their participation in the program. Up to five dance Leaders who help to coordinate the dance program will also receive a fee credit. All other program participants, including dance leaders, pay the registration fee for the weekend and offer their services as volunteers.


To Establish a Lava Scholarship Program

Jaya proposed creating a scholarship program for Lava like the one now in place for Wilderness Camp and to allocate up to $500 per Lava retreat for matching scholarships. This will be funded from the Events contingency fund. Jaya accepted Phil’s friendly amendment to change the amount to $250 per retreat. Linda seconded the motion, which passed by consensus.


Policy toward those who don’t pay fee

Discussion followed regarding how to handle people who attend the retreat but attempt to avoid paying the fee. The TC expressed the strong consensus that participants should pay something toward their retreat and that the staff or TC should be prepared to speak to those who do not pay. Narayan suggested to post our policy on the web and make the scholarship availability known.


New Fee Schedule for Lava

Jaya presented the proposed revised fee schedule for Lava. This schedule was approved by consensus:


          $75 - $125 Adults

          $50            Young Adults

          $50            Teenagers

          $35            Children


Lava Management Changes

Jaya informed the TC that we will transition Shahar into the role of coordinating Lava in order to keep a closer tab on the expenses, program and policies. Glenn Harvey has offered to assist with this transition.


Jaya informed the TC of some of the negative feedback OP has received about the food at Lava. Peter will draw up an overview of how we want to handle the food at December Lava and give our cook Genene Gregor an opportunity to respond to the changes.


Lava Refund Policy

Jaya presented the proposed refund policy proposed for Lava:

Camp fees are due in full by November 24, 2006, by which date your payment must be postmarked or your credit card charged. OP will charge a $25.00 fee for cancellations before November 24th. After November 24th there will be no refunds. You are considered registered when we have received your full payment.”


The TC passed this by consensus, with the proviso that the staff can make exceptions for medical emergencies.


Camp Forms

Jaya raised the issue of camp forms to cover situations with unsupervised children, emergencies, and other situations. Discussion followed. The TC agreed by consensus to:

1) Obtain a signed permission for using people’s photos or videos which would be kept on file for that person so we do not have to keep asking for a new one at each event. Ellen noted that this could be easily achieved by including a default on OP’s web registration page.

2) All parents whose children attend an OP event but who do not attend themselves must sign a guardianship form naming who will be responsible for their children. This also applies to parents who leave an event and leave their child behind. Narayan said to post the form on the website.


D7 Russian Tour Report

Narayan presented an update on the Russian youth who will be attending DUP events and Wilderness Camp this summer. He has found a family with twin boys in CA to host Alicia and Anatoly for a week after the Mendocino Camp. We still need to get travel insurance. He would like a reminder from the events committee of remaining details that need to be taken care of before they arrive. The day they arrive at Mendocino will be Alicia’s 18th birthday. Peter noted that the Russian youth flyer can be included in the mailing for WDC, send in a packet of flyers to host areas, and we can write an article for the e-newsletter. Jerry suggested Bozeman hold a dance the night before camp on the 19th with them as guests. (Since the board meeting, Anatoly’s request for a US visa was initially rejected. It is not clear at the time of publishing these minutes whether this issue can be resolved in a follow up appeal.)


B1 Finance Committee

Tony presented the OP first quarter balance sheet and a profit and loss statement through April 30th.  He noted that OP is basically operating within or below budget. It was noted that the Library Fund expense figure was obviously incorrect in the report.


B3 IRS Status Report

Peter reported that OP’s CPA informed us that our IRS status will change to that of a private foundation with the filing of our 2005 Form 990 tax return. We will no doubt experience some different filing/reporting requirements. Narayan noted that this should not affect bequeaths to OP except people can only now give us 30% of their income as donation. Peter said that IRS scrutiny will likely now shift from our sources of income to how we spend and grant away our money. Our accountant will get us a book of the regulations for foundations.


B2—Fund Management Policy Proposal

Tony presented the text of the Fund Management Policy proposal (included in the appendix to these minutes) the purpose of which is to ensure that OP assets grow at the rate of inflation. The rate of inflation (currently computed at 4%) thus becomes a “hurdle” each year before OP begins earning income which can be applied to programs and grants. An additional provision in the policy will place all OP expenditures on the principal of budgeting based on the prior year’s actual investment performance. (Tony noted that budgeting will actually be based on the 9 month performance of investments projected to year’s end, so that the succeeding year’s budget can be prepared before the year begins.) The substance of Tony and Narayan’s presentation was that OP has arrived at a point where we may have to cut back or hold the line, dependent on how our investments are doing. Tony also noted that we need to have all budget requests in on time this fall to enable the TC to look at the whole budget together, rather than piecemeal as we have in the past. The Endowment Fund budget for grant money may be decreased to cover General Fund money if needed.


Tony moved that we accept Fund Policy Revision Proposal as submitted in draft. Narayan seconded. Passed by consensus. The Tom Braveheart Fund was not included in the policy statement, but that committee later met and informed the TC that they wish the Braveheart Fund to be subject to the same spending constraints in order to ensure endowment growth.


G1 Website Redesign Report

Phil Notermann reviewed the activity of the communications committee this year, including selecting Vicki Grayson of Grayson Designs to redesign OP’s web site because of the outstanding work she’s done. Phil noted that her sites are beautiful to look at, easy to navigate and fast to download. Ellen suggested OP inform North America and INDUP about what we’re doing so that they do not duplicate efforts.


G2 E-Newsletter

Phil said that an OP e-newsletter will reduce costs and use of resources and we will monitor and explore how well that goes. Ellen suggested we check out the SW Sufi newsletter—they use pictures to generate short connections rather than a lot of text.


G3 Brochure Translation Project

Peter presented the OP brochure translated into Spanish by Sylvia Murillo. Peter has just a few questions about the translation and will check with Sylvia. The brochure will then go to press and copies sent to South American OP contacts. Jerry said that going through the South American gathering attendance list we can get some direction with regard to sending out our brochure.

E4 Peru Trip by Jerry, SA Camp and Meeting Summary

Jerry called attention to his written report on his trip to Peru to attend the first South American Gathering of DUP leaders. He took 147 OP CDs with him. People really appreciated them and they were divided between six different countries. His trip came in $200 under budget. They asked for t-shirts and were curious about where OP money came from. In six days of meetings, Jerry came away very impressed with how much they covered. Peter thanked Jerry and said that his trip made a lot of inroads into SA, and all feedback on Jerry’s trip has been positive. Additional discussion centered on translation of OP grant requests from Spanish and our interface with South America.


E2 Committee Chair Removal/Replacement Procedure

Jerry introduced the proposal for replacing committee chairs. Discussion followed regarding wording. Peter proposed two wording changes which were accepted. Jerry proposed, Jaya seconded and the measure passed by consensus, as follows:


Committee Chairs may be removed or replaced by consensus of the TC for any of the following reasons:


1.  Poor performance in fulfilling the duties of a committee chair as described in the Policy Manual Committee Chair Duties.

2.  Poor attendance at meetings/events where their presence would be conducive to fulfilling their duties.

3.  Irresolvable differences with committee members that indicate the committee would be better served with a change in the chair of that committee.

4.  A departure in beliefs from DUP or OP philosophy that indicate the removal/replacement would be to the benefit of all parties concerned.

5.  Unethical behavior.


The procedure for removing or replacing a committee chair shall be as follows:


1.  Any trustee or a committee by consensus may raise the issue of the removal of a committee chair by stating the reasons for said request to the TC Chair and ED. The TC and ED will be responsible to see that the process is carried through from here on and will keep appropriate documentation on the steps taken.

2.  An attempt will be made to resolve differences using the OP Conflict Resolution Process where applicable.

3.  The chair under removal consideration shall be given an opportunity to address the underlying reasons for said consideration.

4.  The committee chair shall be given an opportunity to resign when all attempts at resolution have failed.

5.  In the event that the committee chair chooses not to resign and all attempts at resolution have failed, removal shall be by consensus of the TC.

6.  Removed or replaced committee chairs will receive recognition for their time and service given to OP.


This text will be added to the Policy Manual.


E7 Community Building Report

Jerry reported on the Bozeman team survey of the local dance community and noted that Zareen and Wayne came in last month to Bozeman to lead and this was well-received. He said that he feels that we shouldn’t go out trying to help other communities if this doesn’t work in our own back yard. Discussion followed. Peter said that community building is an issue everywhere in the dance network and that OP needs to be working on this. HR is the place where we need to be listening to what’s going on out there. We need a replacement for HR Chair when Jerry leaves. It was noted that Steve is working on a survey for the Bitterroot community, and we’re planning to put some of the ideas from elsewhere to work here.


E5 Recommendations to add an advisory committee member

Peter presented a draft proposal to add a European member to OP’s advisory committee. Jerry noted that Ellen Kaf-i-Mariam’s name was omitted from the Advisory Committee list in the proposal. Discussion followed regarding the purpose and activity of the committee and whether another member is warranted from Europe. Consensus was the proposal needs more work. Tony suggested we leave it to the HR committee to write a job description for the advisory committee and then clarify the best membership position. No action taken.


E6 Election of Officers

Narayan proposed all current officers be re-instated by acclamation. Phil—seconded.  Jerry said that he will be stepping down in the fall when his term is up, but is willing to help with a transition. He recommends that Phil be the next chair. Linda asked whether he could be named a “chair in training”?

Jerry—recommends that Phil be next chair. Phil said he has talked with Jerry and Peter about the idea of being chair in training. He feels some excitement about serving in this capacity and would plan to be more actively engaged in OP. He is quite willing to powwow with the group as a whole about who might best fill this role. The TC members expressed strong support for Phil assuming this position.

Peter said he is grateful for all Jerry has done for OP under his direction—we’ve come a long way. He added that he thinks Phil would be a great choice for OP right now. The importance of continuing to work with Nancy Stetter periodically on board training was noted. The proposed slate of officers was approved by consensus.  Chair – Jerry, Vice Chair – Linda, Treasurer – Tony, Chair in Training – Phil.




Deep Listening Coach—Eric


E3 Group Inventory

Jerry read a poem and then introduced the process for reviewing the group member inventories in dyads with people who had requested inventories be filled out. He reviewed the Waterline Model, the importance of maintaining focus on goals, and the Awareness Process, the process of using your senses to tune in and watch your feelings brought on by a particular experience or event. The TC and others present broke into four sessions of dyads.

The group noted at the end that the process was valuable to all—checking in personally allows us to become aware of what is true rather than our assumptions.


K1 Braveheart Report

Susan suggested that the TC amend the 2006 Braveheart budget amount to $1200, and for 2007 go to COLA adjustments when computing available funds for granting. She will check with Tony for budget numbers in the future. Phil spoke about the benefits of having a person that was physically challenged attend a camp he went to; everyone shared assisting with his care on some level and it was a positive experience for all.

Susan will write an article for the upcoming e-newsletter about the Braveheart Fund. Thanks to Tom for joining the Committee. 


K2 Israel Report

Susan gave an overview of her written Israel report. Interest in traveling to Israel, visiting various regions, and presenting dances. She described her vision to return to the Middle East with one or more dance leaders to lead dances there and attempt to establish a dance circle in Jerusalem with the support of local activist Eliyahu McLean. Discussion followed. Tony said in summing up that he would like to see this go through the grant process because then you go through the hurdles already set up. As discussed yesterday, we are at a point of having limited funds. We will have to evaluate this compared to other worthy projects. It was decided that Susan will prepare a grant request and that she is glad to know that people in general support the idea. Susan asked for persons with input and concerns to contact her. She will respond to Eliyahu’s request for assistance.


F1—Common Ground Report

Shahar presented the highlights of the written report, including physical improvements made and the harmonious work of the dance team in running the facility. Narayan asked about the operating costs and mortgage and said that OP pays about $6,000 a year net to own Common Ground, and this is less than the gain from the accruing value of the property each year. Peter reminded the TC not to overlook the in-kind value of volunteer hours given. We’re getting a lot of involvement with the dances because of the center. We would like to build the activity at CG both locally and regionally. Tom, Diana, Vayu, and Star are going to Canada to participate in the Global Inspiration Conference. CG is a regional center, and we can work on developing it more locally. Mansur Conviser is moving to Missoula, and we may need to make adjustments to our dance schedule as we do have Missoula folks driving down for dances now.


H1 Music Committee Report

Peter reviewed Michael Sheehan’s written Music Committee report. OP has published two Best of Wilderness CDs that have been well-received. He, Tom, and Michael are reviewing recordings from WDC 2005 for a new CD. Some discussion followed regarding upcoming potential projects.


L1 Fall Meeting

The TC has a fall meeting scheduled for November 17-19, the weekend before Thanksgiving, in Bozeman.

Tentative Dates for next year were selected:

            May 4-6, 2007.

            November 16-18, 2007.

Some discussion followed regarding meeting expenses and whether internet/telephone technology could be used in the future to our advantage.


L2 Long Range Planning

After lunch Peter asked the group to consider where OP is headed. It’s been three years since our last long range planning retreat. Steve suggested the group close eyes and envision where we’d like OP to be ten years from now. The results were written on a flip chart and are recorded in Appendix L2.


After the list was compiled, those present agreed to send their top 5 items from the list to Shahar to compile so that we might see where we are thinking together about these issues.


Some discussion followed regarding programming for young adults, and the issue regarding Lava retreat participants paying for the use of the pool at the Aura Soma. Ellen asked whether there was not some way to involve the community in coming up with a solution for this problem. She said, “There’s a retraining process all the group can be involved in.”


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.




D) Events Committee Job Description



·         Coordinate and integrate the work of all ongoing Oneness Project event teams and report back to OP Board


·         Develop, review, approve, and submit budgets for all OP events to the trustee council by October of preceding fiscal year


·         Encourage and recommend outreach DUP programming to churches, universities, and organizations to attract  young people to dances


·         Provide support in developing DUP programs for young adults


·         Network with dance circles to identify youth involved with dances and dance leading to be included in youth program


·         Identify volunteers experienced and knowledgeable with children to help design and present a rich and creative children’s program


·         Provide support for building dance circles and develop long range plan for community building


·         Create and make available to the public retreat presentation manuals for Marsh House, Lava, and Wilderness.


·         Design thorough evaluation forms for Wilderness and Lava and take responsibility for  distributing and analyzing data


·         Coordinate with volunteers presenting OP events to ensure all jobs needed are covered by volunteers


·         Assist Executive Director in planning events and determining financial expenditures


·         One committee member will liaison with Wilderness Camp Manager and Assistant Camp Manager each year to support the camp by attending all meetings


·         One committee member will liaison with the Lava staff and OP registrar as support for two Lava retreats each year


·         Consider recommendations for Wilderness camp site changes and make the final recommendations to OP Trustees.


·         Assist in creating event flyers and actively promote Lava Retreats, Whidbey events and Wilderness Dance Camps




B2 Fund Management Policies

(This text replaces the section “Endowment Fund Policies” in the OP Policy Manual


Oneness Project investment assets are organized and managed in three separate funds: the General Fund, the Endowment Fund, and the Tom Braveheart Scholarship Fund. Revenues from the General Fund are earmarked to support OP programs, events and administration; Revenues from the Endowment Fund support grant programs; Revenues from the Tom Braveheart Fund support Braveheart Fund grants.


During the fiscal year Oneness Project draws on the General Fund assets only for working capital to pay for current operations, including both general fund and endowment fund (grant-making) activities. In the early weeks of the new fiscal year a transfer from the Endowment Fund to the General Fund is made to reimburse the General Fund for any grant-making activity paid in the previous fiscal year from the General Fund. This standard operating procedure prevents having to keep reserves from more than one fund liquid enough to use on an ongoing basis.



Fund Budgets Based on Prior Year Performance


Budgeted expenditures from each of OP’s three Funds are expended in the fiscal year following the year in which they are received or earned. This 1-year delay in expenditure of funds allows the trustee council to make adjustments in the amount of funds to be allocated to programs based on the actual performance of the fund in the previous fiscal year. [N.B. – This procedure has been followed only for the Endowment Fund through 2006. It is proposed that this plan be adopted for all 3 funds beginning in 2007.]


Fund Revenue Policies


Standard operating procedure is to deposit annual contributions from Dancing $ shareholders into the Endowment Fund. The Dancing $ contributions are given to Oneness Project each December 31 of the year on which the contributions are based. Tom Braveheart Donations received are placed into the Tom Braveheart Fund. Revenues from event registration fees, store sales, Common Ground lease and other miscellaneous income is placed into the General Fund.


Endowment Fund Goals:


GOAL #1 – Overall Asset Growth Goal. We wish to keep the inflation adjusted value of the Endowment Fund constant or else growing.


GOAL #2 – Tithe Goal. We wish to contribute 10% of the inflation adjusted Endowment Fund earnings to the Dance network.


GOAL #3 – Designated Use Goal - We will strive to use Endowment Fund earnings only for the above two goals and for grants.  However, we retain the option of reluctantly using Endowment Fund earnings to fund part of the General Fund budget, if necessary.



Endowment Fund Budgeting for GOAL #1 will be carried out as follows:

            1. We will calculate how big the BASE Endowment Fund must be to keep up with inflation.  Specifically: the NEW BASE = BASE *  COLA, where COLA is the cost of living adjustment used for Social Security. We will call the increased amount needed for the new base the ADJUSTMENT.


2.  The ADJUSTMENT will come from three sources.

            A.  Unexpended money from previous year (EXTRA)

(usually this will be money available for grants that wasn’t awarded.)

            B.  Current year CONTRIBUTIONS to the Endowment Fund.

            C.  Endowment Fund EARNINGS


GOAL #1 for the Endowment Fund will be met by calculating the total Amount AVAILABLE to allocate to expenditures in budget year by the following formula:




GOAL #2 will be met simply by setting aside 10% of the total amount AVAILABLE (as calculated in budgeting for GOAL #1). This amount will be called the TITHE.


Standard operating procedure is for the TITHE to be given to dance network organizations as an unrestricted gift. In November, 2005 the Trustee Council approved that this tithe be divided and given 75% to INDUP and 25% to PW-DUPNA, and that this formula would be reviewed annually until a permanent formula is approved.


GOAL #3 will be met by calculating the potential money available for GRANTS as:

            total AVAILABLE – TITHE


An example will help illustrate. Suppose we know the following:

BASE Endowment Fund = $2,000,000

COLA = 1.04

EXTRA = $25,000


EARNINGS = $180,000.


Then money AVAILABLE for expenditures will be:




$25,000 + $40,000 + $180,000 – ((1.04-1) * $2,000,000) =  $165,000


Money for GOAL #2 will be calculated as follows.


            AVAILABLE * 10% = $165,000 * 10% = $16,500                    


Potential money for GOAL #3 will be calculated as:




$165,000 - $16,500 = $148,500



General Fund Goals:


GOAL #1 – Overall Asset Growth Goal.  We wish to keep the inflation-adjusted value of the General Fund constant or else growing. 


GOAL #2 – Designated Use Goal - We will strive to use General Fund earnings to pay for all expenses other than Tithes and Grants.



General Fund Budgeting for GOAL #1 will be carried out as follows:

1. We will calculate how big the BASE General Fund must be to keep up with inflation by the following formula:


NEW BASE = BASE * COLA, where COLA is the cost of living adjustment used for Social Security. We will call the increased amount needed for the NEW BASE the ADJUSTMENT.


2.  The ADJUSTMENT will come from four sources.

            A.  Unexpended money from previous year (EXTRA)

            B.  Current year CONTRIBUTIONS to the General Fund.

            C.  REVENUE from camps, sales, leases, etc.

            D.  General Fund EARNINGS


GOAL #1 for the General Fund will be met by calculating the total Amount AVAILABLE to allocate to expenditures in budget year = Previous Year’s EXTRA + CONTRIBUTIONS + REVENUE + EARNINGS – ADJUSTMENT


GOAL #2 will be met by not spending more than is AVAILABLE.


An example will help illustrate.  Suppose we know the following:

BASE General Fund = $2,000,000

COLA = 1.04

EXTRA = $30,000


REVENUE = $20,000

EARNINGS = $180,000.


Then money AVAILABLE for expenditures will be $30,000 + 0 + $20,000 + $180,000 –

((1.04-1) * $2,000,000) =  $150,000


Careful budgeting will be necessary for Oneness Project to achieve GOAL #2. Committee chairs each submit their requested annual budgets for their area to the Finance Committee by October 15th preceding the budget year. The Finance Committee is charged with reviewing budget requests and preparing an overall budget, given the projected total revenues from the different funds achieved in the year prior to the budget year.


When Budget Requests Exceed Amount Available


When committee and staff budget requests exceed the amount AVAILABLE to keep the Oneness Project Funds growing according the Overall Asset Growth Goal, the Finance Committee will make a recommendation to the Trustee Council through the budget document. As stated earlier, when general fund revenues fall short of funding the Oneness program, the committee may reluctantly choose to allocate some Endowment Fund revenues to General Fund operations. Where Endowment Fund revenues do not keep pace with the growth of grant requests, the committee may choose to do the opposite, allocating General Fund revenues to the granting and tithing programs.



















L2 Long-Range Planning Ideas


Where would you like OP to be ten years from now? (Send your top 5 items to Shahar)


1) Outreach

2) Bequests

3) Spiritual Teacher Connections

4) International Dances—on all continents

5) Continue to explore the use of our resources

6) News/media exposure

7) Sharing our model—what works for us

            Awareness Process, Personal development, NVC

8) Fertilizing the soil—strengthening local circles and individuals

9) Grant writing assistance

            Seminars at gatherings, translation capabilities

10) OP Yurt Building college workshop

11) Start Oneness Festival

12) Well-developed children’s and Young adult programs

13) Our events become self-supporting

            Develop volunteerism

14) Fertilizing volunteerism in areas

            Local developmental process

            Leads to co-operative event

15) Joint event OP/NA in Arlee at EWAM (Buddhist retreat center)

16) Events in areas to promote healing, such as New Orleans

17) Partnerships with other funding sources for International Peace, conscious evolution

18) Partnerships to promote learning, such as sacred dance in Shamanic tradition

19) Seed resilient communities/culture of living from consciousness

20) Guest spiritual elders of International Scope

21) Regional Dance Centers in other areas

22) Partnerships to plan/hold events

23) Earth Celebrations

24) Dances as part of all Peace Gatherings

25) Community based on heart, connectedness

            Strengthen heart connection with dance

26) More Lava-like dance to bring dance circles together

27) Provide instruments for children

28) More Elder Dance

29) Dance Leaders involved with children’s program

30) Fruitful collaboration with Ruhaniat and Dance Network

31) Having training for OP members to be peacemakers

32) Board training from Spiritual Master

33) Younger board members

34) Young Adult board member soon

35) Co-ordination of world-wide leaders

36) Every member comes to board meeting prepared—having read materials

37) More experimental DLT models

38) Our website—dances and music available downloadable

39) OP proactive in helping entire dance network to provide/promote resources