Oneness Project Trustee Council

Conference Call Meeting

May 11, 2007


Present: Munir Reynolds, Phil Notermann, Linda Lindsay, Sheila Lindquist, Narayan Waldman, Tony Rasch, Steve Gray, Shahar Solander. Guests Stuart McKinnon, Trustee in Training and Tajali Theresa Tolan.


All checked in...Narayan’s back from Israel; brief positive report, lots of photos from Susan’s son. Will limit call to an hour or hour and a half.


Phil – Reserve last 10 minutes for check in regarding MTG/INDUP proposal.


Munir offered to be the listening coach.


D3 – Lava late registration fee.

Linda moved to accept

Narayan second



E2 – Philosophy of Money Policy Amendment

Needs more work, at the in-body meeting or for the Human Resources Committee to redraft.


G1 – Email Protocol

Returned to Communications Committee for more work.


L1 2006 Program Evaluation and 2007 Goals and Activities

Sheila moved to accept as is

Narayan second



Tajali signed off


A Approval of minutes of November 2006

Narayan move to accept

Sheila second



E4 Recommend Tajali as Trustee in Training

Sheila move to accept

Tony second



MTG/INDUP/Oneness Project Merger

The remaining time was used to discuss the NTG/INDUP proposal.


End of meeting.