Oneness Project Trustee Council


1309 S. 3rd/

Bozeman, Montana

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Present: Peter Reynolds, Linda Lindsay, Tony Rasch, Joetta Lawrence, Steveo Gray, Sheila Jaya Lindquist, Shahar Solander, Susan Sheely, Jerry Fries, Doug Sparks,

Eric Waldman, Phil Notermann, Diana Anthony


The meeting opened with a dance and check-in process.


Trustee Council Training

Nancy Stetter distributed Awareness Process information, each person worked through the process individually, then came back to the group for discussion.


Jerry called the formal meeting to order at 11:40 am and welcomed the new attendants Doug Sparks and Joetta Lawrence.


Jerry: Propose minutes of 5/04 meeting be accepted

Narayan: Second

Approved w/ addition of Braveheart Committee p.6


Peter Reynolds was selected to conduct the meeting.  Steve Gray accepted the role of Deep Listening Coach. 


Jerry read Ginger Lee’s letter of resignation from the TC & requested that those present write their appreciations for Nuria and deliver them to her at tonight’s dinner.


Communications Committee Report

Phil Noterman presented the committee’s report.  OP is developing a plan to facilitate communication with various OP audiences/constituencies, including better use of the OP newsletter and web site.  In 2005 OP will publish the newsletter four times and involve committee members more in production.  Discussion followed including use of video clips on DVD and providing music tracks to Michael Gest for use on the new streaming Spirit Heart Radio station over the internet.  Jerry suggested the committee develop goals for posting current material, ie. minutes to the web site and to develop an e-mail protocol procedure. 


Break for Lunch/Dance & Give Thanks


Financial Reports

Tony Rasch reviewed the financial statements:  The income and expense report indicates OP is within our budget as established last year.  Peter noted the need for assessing depreciated value on OP’s equipment and CD inventories at the end of year.

Phil: Move to accept Treasurer’s Budget Reports

Tony: Second

Passed by consensus


OP Loan Policy

Jerry: Point of order.  This proposal should be tabled until the next meeting and submitted according to established guidelines


Account Signatories

Jerry asked who are signatory on OP checking accounts.  Peter, Narayan and Diana are current signatories on the checking account at First Security Bank.  Lee Amin Compton and Linda Lindsay sign checks on the Whidbey account.


Change to Dancing $ LLC Donations to OP

Narayan reported that as the Dancing $ Fund manager he will implement a change in FY 2005 reducing shareholders’ donations to OP from 10% to 5% of net profits.  Narayan feels this change is necessary to continue to make Dancing $ an attractive investment opportunity.  He noted that the vast majority of OP income is now from OP’s own investments in Dancing $.  All Dancing $ donations to OP are currently earmarked for placement in the OP Endowment Fund. The net result of this donation change will be an approximately $45,000 reduction in income to the endowment fund. 


Transfer of Funds

Tony accepted an amendment to his motion.  The amended motion is to transfer $500,000 from the OP general fund to the endowment fund.


Jerry: Motion to accept

Narayan: Second

Discussion:  Tony noted this change would result in $50,000 less in income for operations but we are operating at more than $50K under budget currently so we would see little impact to general operations.  The increase in the size of the endowment fund will help to meet the need for a larger available pool of funds for project and DLT grants.

Passed by consensus


Philosophy of Money

The finance committee revised this policy statement attempting to address specific issues that were raised at the last meeting.


Narayan: Move to accept & post to Web Site

Tony: Second

Discussion: It was suggested that a section on the unintended consequences of offering grant funds be added and Tony suggested adding a section on Common Ground. 

Peter Passed by consensus


Narayan: Would like to see the approved Philosophy of Money policy statement have a link on the Home Page.  It will be also be placed in the 2005 OP Policy Manual.


Review of Managing Common Ground Facility/Programs

Peter thanked Joetta Lawrence, the president of the Common Ground (CG) board, for the OP attending.  Joetta thanked OP for stepping in to own Common Ground and continue the work happening there.  The Common Ground board has 9 council members, of which 7 are DUP dancers.  The CG board adopted a work plan (included in the TC packets) laying out how volunteers are implementing various tasks of running and maintaining the facility.  Peter reported on the work being done to replace the septic system, a cost being divided evenly with former owner Suzanna McDougal.  Shahar, OP’s representative on the CG board, reported that a CG maintenance committee has been formed and that $2,000 was included in the OP FY 2005 budget for CG maintenance.  This money will be used to install metal roofing on two sheds and to buy shrubbery and other plants to increase the living fence around the northern borders of the property.  The committee thinks this will be more cost effective and beautiful than erecting a convention privacy fence on the property.


OP staff and consultant Bill Grout are renovating the Common Ground web site and converting it to MS Front Page.  The Bitterroot Dance Team is planning more special events to build the DUP community and is also doing more outreach work.  Peter noted that it is up to all of us to think creatively about using the center.  Running the facility & two regular dance sessions per month requires more volunteerism.  Discussion centered on the intended use for Common Ground and the relationship of OP to CG, Inc.  The group discussed the need for a finalized lease between OP and CG.  Joetta noted that the draft lease (included in the packets) needs guidelines for the flow of monies between CG and OP.  Jerry suggested that staff also add something specific to the lease about grounds maintenance.  Linda suggested checking with OP’s attorney regarding liability issues. 


Grants Committee

Peter described the grants committee’s review process and recommendations.  The project grants program received $30,000 more in requests than funds available and consequently reduced most awards down from the amount requested.  The committee recommended denying two requests.


Fall 2004 Grant Committee Recommendations

Project Title


Approved Award


Breathing into Australia

DUP Australia Network



Chants of Universal Peace

Amir Peter O'Loughlin



Creative Arts for Peace (2005)

Kathryn Ashera Sprowls


 + $3k in '05 DLT

CSA Training I for DUP Leaders

Ellen Fietz-Hall



CSA Training Part II

Ellen Fietz-Hall



Czech Dance Camp Year 2

Wim Wali van der Zwan



Dance Outreach Belém, Amazonia

Anahata Iradah



Dances of Universal Wisdom

Integria Retreat Center



Estonian DUP Camp 2005

Silje Seppik



Deepening Magnetism, Attunement & Tr.

Muiz Brinkerhoff



European Sufi Ruhaniat Camp 2005

Sufi Ruhaniat Inti'l Germany



Foundation Dances and Walks II - IV

Amina Linda McMakin


safety net

Middle Eastern Spirituality Festival

Edinburgh ICWS



Outreach Europe

Wim Wali van der Zwan



Russian Sufi Ruhaniat Camp 2005

Gillian Zacharova



Shabda and Allaudin in Aotearoa




Shabda to Spokane




South American Dance & Training Camp

Jimmy Docker



Sufi Sesshin 2005

Golden Gate Sufi Circle



Pan American Camp 2006





Total Awards




Jerry: Move to approve the grants committee’s recommendations for Fall 2004 grant awards.

Phil: Second

Discussion centered on developing policies for acceptable honoraria ranges for DUP teachers, setting goals in different program areas (e.g. youth) and encouraging proposals in those areas, and distributing grant funds fairly among different regions of the world.  Tony noted that the recommended list of awards results in a total of $1800 awarded over available funds and asked whether to take the overrun out of the OP general fund.  Phil said that these are maximum awards, some are safety nets & others are participation based, so there may not in fact be an overrun.

Passed by consensus


Grants Guidelines

Narayan proposed an addition to the project grant guidelines of a maximum of $300 per day for DUP teachers.  OP would reserve the right to refuse to fund projects based with honoraria in excess of the guideline.  Also, the 2005 OP project guidelines will foreground this new policy and the existing grants policy requiring a final report within 6 weeks of project completion in order to reapply.  (The grants committee amended the suggested honoraria policy via conference call following this meeting and the TC approved the amendment via email in late November.  The amended policy appears in the appendices to these minutes.)


Tithe to the Dance Network

Peter raised an issue not included on the TC agenda.  To date, OP has given 10% of the annual proceeds of the endowment fund to the Dance Network.  Now that NANDUP is separately incorporated from INDUP and Pubs, how does OP want the tithe money to be divided?  It was suggested to ask Shabda Kahn as head of the MTG and a member of NANDUP’s advisory committee to recommend a division of OP’s tithe.


Human Resources

Jerry Fries distributed the human resource committee’s Trustees Evaluation Form

for approval.


Jerry: Move to accept form

Narayan: Second

Discussion:  The form will be used once each year to evaluate Trustees performance.  The Human Resources Committee and the OP Exec. Director will review the evaluations.  The form is intended to draw attention to the agreements trustees made in accepting their TC position.  The form will be placed in the OP Policy Manual.

Passed by consensus


Committee Chair Evaluation

The Human Resource Committee hereby proposes the following addition to the Committee Chair Duties and Job Description: “Committee Chairs (CC) shall serve two-year renewable terms.  They will perform annual self-evaluations that shall be reviewed by the ED and HR Committee.”


Jerry: Move adoption

Narayan: Second

Passed by consensus


Conflict Resolution Process

Jerry: Move to adopt CR process (included in appendices of these minutes).

Narayan: Second

Discussion:  Phil: Would like to make his approval contingent upon terminology changes.  It was agreed that Phil would work with Jerry on changes to some of the terms used in the document for presentation at the next TC meeting.  Meanwhile the document could be provisionally passed and included in the OP policy manual.

Passed by consensus w/ provisos


Thirty minute break.


Nuria Ginger Lee Resignation

Jerry:  Motion to award Nuria a $5,000 cash gift in recognition of her service to Oneness Project. 

Narayan: Second

Passed by consensus


Report on Montana Nonprofit Association Meeting

Jerry reviewed his written report on the MNA meeting he and Steve attended in October and briefly touched on the Sorbanes-Oxley Act that applies to nonprofit organizations.  MNA is offering D & O & workers’ comp coverage.  Jerry said that he will take his questions regarding OP liability and insurance coverage to OP’s new attorney, Ken Frazier of Billings.  Peter and Jerry will have a conference call with Ken on December 15, 2004.


Trustee Removal Procedure

Proposed procedure reviewed.  Discussion ensued.  Returned to committee for further study.


Return From Leave of Absence Policy Addition

The Human Resource Committee recommended the following addition (in italics) to item 4 in the Trustee Leave of Absence Policy:

“4. The requesting trustees may ask for concurrent leaves from committee work they may be involved in.  Committee leaves of absence will be coordinated with the appropriate Committee Chair(s) and the ED.   At the end of the LOA, the trustee’s former committee positions will be reviewed by the HR Comm., the ED and appropriate committee chairs to determine which committees the returning trustee will be placed on.”

Jerry: Submit for acceptance

Narayan: Second

Passed by consensus



Wilderness Dance Camp 2004 Financial Report/2005 Budget

The group reviewed the 2004 camp financial report and 2005 budget.  Discussion followed.  Peter noted that the work exchange and scholarship positions are OP’s investment in establishing the community atmosphere at camp and they have inestimable value.  He also said that Wilderness Dance Camp is a huge project with many details and is a major personnel management job for the camp manager.  Peter’s opinion is that the current honorarium for WDC camp manager is inadequate and he wonders whether at some future date OP will want to hire a part time staff person to manage the camp and perhaps other programs being developed jointly with NANDUP to present regional events like Lava at different places around the country. 


The meeting recessed for dinner.


Sunday, November 14, 2004


Session opened with dancing.


Present: Peter Reynolds, Linda Lindsay, Tony Rasch, Joetta Lawrence, Steveo Gray, Sheila Jaya Lindquist, Shahar Solander, Susan Sheely, Jerry Fries, Doug Sparks,

Eric Waldman, Phil Noterman, Diana Anthony


SteveO consented to continue as listening coach.


Wilderness Dance Camp

More discussion followed regarding the budget of Wilderness Camp.  Narayan urged that staff find ways to let participants know the extent of OP underwriting of the camp.


Lava Income & Expense

The group reviewed the Lava report and discussed the cost overruns.  Staff was directed to add a budget item for the events committee chair to attend OP events. 


Events Committee

Peter and Linda gave a report on the new Wilderness Dance Camp Manual that is nearing completion. 


Trustees Term of Office

The TC unanimously elected Jerry Fries to another two-year term on the Trustee Council.


Music Committee Archives Office Report

Narayan reviewed the music committee report from Lee Amin Compton and Michael Sheehan.  The 2005 plan includes funds for producing a CD to accompany a new DUP dance booklet being produced by NANDUP.  Also, OP may provide .mp3 files of DUP recordings from the archives for Michael Gest’s new Sufi Radio station streaming over the internet.  Staff said that plans are being made to place more recorded music available for download on the OP web site.


Youth Committee

Doug Sparks gave his ideas regarding DUP programs for children and youth.  He described the youth program at Mendocino Sufi Camp where youth are incorporated into the adult program and honored for their participation.  Youth are repeating attendance at Mendocino, even without parental involvement.  Doug recommends cherishing the children and giving them options for participation.  At Mendocino, teens attend a 24-hour “vigil”. Dance leaders take shifts to guide & supervise them, and they are sent off & welcomed back from a dance circle.  Mendocino also offers a teen tea with the spiritual leader, all helping to build a strong connection between Sufi Leadership & youth. 


OP/WDC has an entirely different issue.  We had 18 children at WDC and that is maximum or close to it.  In the Wapiti venue a teen program would be problematic.  Doug recommends building steadily so that when Miriel (Waldman) is a teen OP will have a viable teen program in place.  Discussion focused on steps OP can take to serve children and youth. The TC agreed to change the name “Children’s” Committee to “Youth” Committee.  As a first step toward building a youth program it was agreed that the Youth Committee and OP staff will create a youth event to take place concurrent with Easter, 2005 Lava.


Goals & Activities

The TC evaluated OP’s 2004 Goals & Activities using the rating form developed by Jerry Fries.  The TC and committee members then used this information to develop OP’s Goals and Activities statement for 2005 (included as item II in the Appendices to these minutes.)


Jerry: Motion to accept Goals & Activities statement for 2005 as developed.

Tony: Second

Passed by consensus


Dance & Break for Lunch


Executive Director Evaluation

Jerry reported that he and the Human Resources Committee met with Peter to review his performance in 2004.  The committees’ consensus is that he is doing a wonderful job.  The committee recommends a $2 an hour raise and additional money for computer equipment plus a bonus of $500. 


Jerry: Move to accept recommendation of Human Resources committee for the Exec. Director’s, salary, bonus and equipment.

Narayan: Second

Passed by consensus


Revisions to Proposed OP 2005 Budget

Tony: Based on discussion we will need to add a few items: Youth Committee change to $4200 for a total of  $7,000. Communications: From $5K to $9K.  Increase travel Item 9 to $1500.  Add $500 for equipment.  Four issues of LDR $9K Events: Travel to Lava & WDC for Committee chair.  Two Lava Retreats $8K each.  The amended budget will be distributed as a separate document with the draft minutes.


Jerry Motion to approve the budget as amended.

Phil: Second

Passed by consensus


Library Report

Kay Rasch, Committee Chair, gave her report.  This year 4 libraries were distributed.  So much is out of print that the libraries are incomplete.  Ideas were discussed for promoting the availability of the DUP libraries.  Advertising to the MTG list and in LDR were suggested.  The committee agreed to work with staff to find ways to promote the program.  The Library budget was increased to $2000 for 2005. 


Land/Camp Search

Jerry, Wayne and Peter traveled extensively this spring and did not find another Wilderness Camp site.  Jerry said that he would follow up with Trefoil Ranch to see if they might be available for 2006.  The Land/Camp search committee needs to revise its statement of purpose and activities.  Jerry Fries, Peter and any other interested folks will work on this.


Braveheart Committee Report

The Braveheart grant funds report was presented.  The TC asked questions regarding the awards given for work done with elders.  Steve Gray said that as OP receives more Braveheart requests it is important for the committee to clarify the guidelines and better understand the structure of the fund.  SteveO agreed to talk to Susan and work with staff to tighten up the guidelines.


North American Coordinating Council

Jerry presented a report of his meeting with the NACC (the governing board of the North American Network of the DUP) at their meeting at Wilderness Camp.  The NACC has received its own incorporation and can now sponsor chapters so that dance circles can participate.  Rabiya Lila Forest is the newly hired Regional Administrator.  OP will be exploring joint programs with NANDUP including creation of regional dance events similar to Lava around the US and publication of dance instruction booklets and CDs.


2005 Trustee Council Meeting Schedule

The TC and committees decided the following meeting dates for 2005:


Spring meeting: May 5-7, 2005; Fall meeting: Nov 11-13, 2005.


Listening Coach Report

SteveO noted tha the TC is doing an extremely fine job of listening and staying on task.  Lots of self-correcting.  Paying attention.  Respect. 


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.





I. Honoraria Guidelines (Revised and approved via email)  


Oneness Project views honoraria to teachers as gifts intended primarily as recognition and thanks, rather than a “fair market value” payment for services rendered.  At the same time we recognize that certain individuals have made service to the DUP their life’s work and that a living wage is essential for that work to continue. 


Setting guidelines for honoraria for DUP teachers can be complicated because of the range of factors involved, such as the teacher’s attunement and years of experience; the extent of the service performed before, during and after the event; advanced preparation required; lengthy or difficult travel; event duration; numbers of participants and total budget; and currency exchange differentials.   OP’s goals in this area are to extend our grant resources while achieving balance in our approach to funding honoraria for teachers of the DUP.   


OP is aware that the existence of grant funds represents a force in the marketplace that can lead to unintended consequences.  We are concerned about a trend we have seen in recent years that we call “honoraria inflation.”  Frankly, we’re troubled when we see travel and honoraria in excess of $5,000 for a week, or $3,000 for a weekend.  We are working to formulate honoraria guidelines that address this concern while remaining flexible enough to embrace the many DUP leaders and events around the world.  For now, we offer the following examples of honoraria ranges that we feel comfortable with:


$50- $100 – for a single dance evening or service involving little or no travel

Up to $350/day – for an event requiring travel to the event location, with advance preparation, and a significant skill base. 

Note: A “day” means 3 services: a morning, afternoon and evening dance session of at least 2-1/2 hours.

Up to $500/day – for an event with a senior teacher providing advanced training or attunements in the DUP or walks, for an event requiring significant travel, advanced preparation and/or coordination with other teachers.

$1,000 – $1,500 for the spiritual director or manager of a major camp or event for 125 people or more, performing significant work over the period of up to a year, including coordination/planning with other individuals.


Applicants are of course free to pay teachers any honorarium they choose.  However, in determining grant awards OP will weigh applications according to the factors described above and suggested honoraria ranges.  In cases where honoraria seem excessive to us we will award less funds to support the project.


II. Oneness Project Vision Statement 

Oneness Project serves a worldwide community of dancers who share the deep sense of connection evoked through the Dances of Universal Peace.  Through sacred dance, leadership, collaboration and grants we encourage the human family to realize its essential unity.                  
Adoped by the Trustee Council May 2004

Oneness Project 2005 Goals and Activities

Adopted November 13, 2004

1. Be good stewards of ONEness Project resources.

       A. Continue to explore the use of our resources.

       B. Refine our Philosophy of Money policy statement by November, 2005 meeting.

2. Work cooperatively with the Dance Network and the Sufi Ruhaniat International to support the Dances of Universal Peace in the spirit and tradition of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.

  1. Tithe 10% of profits from all Oneness retreats to the NANDUP.
  2. Tithe 10% of earnings from the Oneness Project endowment fund to the dance network.
  3. Donate to SRI from Oneness’ investment proceeds.

3. Provide opportunities to "eat, dance and pray together" for our core constituency.

  1. Plan, promote and present two Lava retreats, and one Wilderness Camp.

       B.    Explore and find a retreat venue suitable for WDC, and other possible future retreats.

                1. Find venue for Wilderness Camp 2006 by August 2005

C.  Support and promote local retreats.

        1. Support one Montana Family Camp and two Whidbey Island Retreats.

D.      Develop and provide a comprehensive manual for producing dance events.

1. Complete the WDC manual by August, 2005.

2. Complete the Whidbey Retreat weekend manual by August, 2005.

3. Complete generic versions of the above by August, 2005.

E.       Develop and strengthen our events committee..

1. Hold one in-body planning meeting in 2005.

4. Support projects undertaken by dance communities to enhance and develop their local dance activities.

  1. Administer the Oneness Project’s Grants Programs and award grants designed to strengthen dance communities and the Dance Network worldwide.


1. Hold at least one Grants Committee conference call in 2005 for policy and long-range planning.


  1. Administer the Tom Braveheart Fund (international Dance scholarships)


1. By spring 2005 refine Braveheart grant guidelines.

5. Clarify our dance retreat center intentions.

A. Create a regional DUP center at Common Ground Center in Hamilton, MT.

1. By December 2005 establish long-range goals and strategies for the regional center at Common Ground.

B.    Continue to explore possibilities of other centers.

        1. The Land/Camp Search Committee will report on progress at the May 2005 TC meeting.

6. Encourage excellence in dance leading and dance meeting facilitation.

            A. Support and assist Mentor Teacher Guild guided Dance leader trainings and intensives.

B. Provide travel support and scholarships for dance leaders to attend advanced trainings and camps.

7. Promote familiarity with dance music and spread the spirit of the dances far and wide.

A. Record, catalog, publish and distribute recordings of dance material recorded at Oneness retreats and camps, within the publishing guidelines of the Dance Network for copyrighted material.

B. Publish and distribute one or more compact discs in 2005.

C. Promote and market previously published material.

1. Find marketer for OP Publications by June 1, 2005

       D. Explore options for audio and video streaming of OP’s media archives over the internet.

       E. Continue to make available to local dance communities a library of complete set of dance leader instruction books and tapes.

8. Develop programs to enable children and youth to enjoy the Dances of Universal Peace and to have meaningful experiences at Wilderness Camp and other Oneness retreats.

A. Continue to research, develop and provide model programs for children, teens and young adults at Dance Camps.

1. Create a teen/young adult program at Lava by Easter 2005.

2. Develop a long-range plan for youth in the DUP.

3. Send 1 person to the Creative Arts for Peace Camp in July in order to research and participate in new children’s program designs.

9. Improve as an effective, compassionate and harmonious Trustees Council to administer the Oneness Project.

A. Provide Council training activities to increase competence and effectiveness of Trustee's efforts in a long-range plan.

B. Define the human resources necessary for more effective operations and pursue the subject of recruiting people to fill needed positions.

1. Develop Human Resource database.

C. The TC and committees will meet two times in 2005.

D. Draft a Long Range Plan for OP by November 2005.

E. Establish an email protocol for OP by November 2005.


10. Implement an effective communications plan in 2005.

       A. Publish 4 issues of Love Dogs Review in 2005.

       B. Develop a Oneness Project brochure by May 2005

       C. Complete the OP web site upgrade by May 2005.

       D. Adopt an OP communications plan by May 2005.