Oneness Project Trustee Council

October 31, 2003
Comfort Inn
Bozeman, Montana


Present:  Narayan Eric Waldman, President; Nuria Ginger Lee, Vice President; Tony Rasch, Treasurer; Jerrold Fries; Zareen Connie Delaney; Linda Lindsay; Munir Peter Reynolds, Executive Director; Kaf-i-Mariam Ellen Fietz-Hall and Talia Marcus, Grants Committee; Wayne Talmadge, Human Resources Committee; Phil Notermann and Steve Gray, by invitation.

Grants Committee & other committee work in the afternoon

Meeting commenced at 7:30 PM with dancing.

Listening Coach: Talia

Meeting Chair: Munir

The schedule for the meeting was determined and the agenda was prioritized.

MUNIR: I would like us to emerge with a sense of where we’re going next year, plan meeting times, schedule a longer board retreat.   Jerry has proposals for our long-range planning process.

Election of Trustees

Council members whose terms expired: Narayan, Tony and Linda

The Human Resources Committee passed out the following handouts: Election Schedule, Talent Chart, and Analysis of Trustee Talent.  The HR Committee proposes that Trustee candidates will be interviewed as to availability and commitment.

KM: The office of president is a separate one from that of a trustee.


NURIA: Move the expired TC members be reelected

Z: Second the motion

“Discussion: TONY: I volunteer to have my term expire in April 2005.

NURIA: Move that Linda Lindsay be reelected with term to run from 10/03 through 10/05; TONY reelect with term to run from 4/03 to 4/05.  Narayan be reelected with term to run from 10/03 through 10/05.

Vote on Linda Lindsay: Unanimous

Vote on Tony Rasch: Unanimous

Vote on Narayan Eric Waldman: Unanimous


November 1, 2003

Meeting commenced with dancing.

Approval of Minutes from May 2003

Narayan: Move the minutes be approved

Linda: Second

Change: Jerry Fries’ address to: 2200 West Dickerson # 83,Bozeman 59718

Approved with changes listed.


Proposal to establish a policy for Committee Chair selection and define Chair authority.

Narayan: Move we adopt this proposal.

“Committee Chairs (CC) are to be selected by consensus among committee members taking into consideration experience/skills, commitment, available time and energy.  In the case where there are no committee members, the Executive Director (ED) in cooperation with the Human Resources Committee (HRC) may appoint a CC.  CC is responsible for screening/selecting committee members in cooperation with the Human Resource Committee and the ED.  CC, after consulting with HRC and ED, may ask for committee members to resign if effective, harmonious execution of committee duties is being compromised.  Said requested resignation would only be after resolution fails including conflict resolution involving the ED.  In the event that a CC finds it necessary to resign, they shall give the ED two weeks notice of their intentions.  The ED will then work in cooperation with the Human Resources Committee to fill that position.”

JERRY: Second

Discussion: The following change is added to the proposal: “CC, after consulting with HRCC and ED,”

Carried as amended.


Proposal to Define process for submitting proposals to TC

Nuria: Move to adopt this proposal.

“Proposals are to be prepared by the appropriate committee and submitted to the Trustee Council (TC) either by hard copies or e-mail, by a Committee Chair, a Trustee or the Executive Director at least two weeks prior to the TC meeting where said proposal is to be considered.  The Grants Committee is not required to meet this deadline as their business is conducted in the meetings.  The need for and goal of proposals should be clearly and concisely stated.  Proposals may be formulated and voted upon at the TC meeting with the consensus of the TC.

Z: Second

Discussion:  The discussion resulted in an exception clause: “Proposals may be formulated and voted upon at the TC meeting with the consensus of the TC.”

Carried as amended.


Report on Interested Directors

Jerry and Munir attended Non-Profit Assn. Meeting.  Also search of MT Secy. of State database revealed no law addressing this.  No MT law addresses this issue.

EKM: IRS law

Performance review of Executive Director

JERRY: The Human Resources committee has completed the review and recommend rehiring and granting Munir’s requests. 

JERRY Propose we renew Munir’s contract with new terms: 1) Receive $1/hr increase; 2) Increase budgeted hours from 17 to 20 hrs; 3) He will receive ½ travel expenses & attendance costs to attend liaison activities.

TONY: Second


Motion Carried.


JERRY: Nancy coming @ 1:30 for a planning session.   She would like us to set our intention prior to her arrival.  The Trustees identified a Long Range Planning retreat to be the primary focus of the time with Nancy.


OP General Fund Budget 2004 (Include revised budget from TONY)


Nuria: Move budget be accepted as amended

JERRY: Second


Motion carried


9/30/2003 Financial Report Assets/Liabilities

Strike SSC Loan of $62,0000

Inventory tracking for CDs

Find library expenses


TONY: Propose approximately $90,000 be transferred from the General fund to the Endowment Fund.  The exact amount will be equal to the 2003 General fund income minus the 2003 General Fund expenses.

LINDA Second

Discussion: Adjustment to wording: In early 2004 an amount equal to 2003 General Fund income minus 2003 General Fund expenses will be transferred to the Endowment Fund.

Carried with modifications.

Trustee session concludes and Grants Committee convenes to finish business.  Events Committee to meet concurrently.

Nancy Stetter

Brainstorming Session

Nancy explained the brainstorming process.  Results are included in addenda to minutes.

Long Range Planning Meeting

MUNIR: We have consensus that we limit the meeting to TC, committee members and staff.  We will solicit input of advisory council & others before meeting.  The meeting will be held Friday February 27 dinner through Sunday February 29 lunch in Bozeman.

Deep Listening: EKM


Approve Grants

Enter Revised Grant committee worksheet from Peter.  This is a big increase from $13,000 to $36,000.  The word is getting out.  We have more projects in the US this time.

TONY Move approval of Grants Committee recommendations

NURIA; Second


Recommendation for Revision of OP Grant Guidelines

MUNIR: This is informational.   Last time it was decided the committee could make changes without TC approval.  This change eliminates paper unless someone does not have option of email, then they have to comply with deadline.  Clarified process for how grants are researched.  Our policy regarding non-members sitting in committee is that they do not participate in discussion.


Events committee

ZAREEN: We are going to contingency plan on tent if registrations exceed pavilion capacity.  We are looking for a campout option and considering purchasing a portable kitchen.

ZAREEN: Proposal to amend budget to include $10,000 for a select group to attend an outside training event.

NURIA: Second

Discussion:  Benefits and drawbacks of proposal considered.

ZAREEN: Proposal withdrawn to be considered at next meeting.

MUNIR: Want to hear from TC whether there would be a consensus about considering the proposal if rewritten.

Break for dinner.  Commence at 8pm with dancing.


Officers for 2004

Discussion at length to consider whether to institute terms for officers, and dynamics among specific board members. EKM: Recommend the two questions be taken into account.  The Council will consider the two issues until the visioning meeting.

JERRY: Gave handout from Max Dupree

The session concluded at 9pm with dancing.


Sunday 11/2

Present:  Narayan, Nuria, Jerry, Tony, Linda, Phil, Wayne, Talia, Steve, and Susan


The TC council accepted Connie Zareen Delaney’s resignation from all OP positions she has held.

Proposal Discontinue 2.5% donation to SRI from the Endowment Fund

Motion: Narayan moves to accept the proposal

Second: LINDA

Discussion:  NARAYAN: Presents proposal.  Because of a change in investment strategy SRI is receiving a much larger donation than previously.  Nuria: Would like to make a nominal $101 “remembrance” donation to the SRI.  TONY: Would like stated for the record that should the investment strategy change again, our donation program would revert to the former 7.5/2.5 split re. INDUP/NANDUP and SRI.

Motion carried.


Events Committee

Wilderness Dance Camp

MUNIR: Presented budget for WDC 2003 cost has risen considerably in the past 2 years primarily because of facility rental and food costs. 

Proposal: Support for Montana Family Camp

Motion to accept: TONY

Second LL

Discussion:  M has discussed this with Bitterroot Valley dance groups who co-sponsor the event and also summer Family Camp Out in the BV.  It is not the intention of the TC that OP assume control of the events, but to provide some financial support and a safety net.  The proposal was amended.



Marsh House Event (copy MFC)

LINDA Move that OP designate Marsh House events a Oneness event.

Narayan: Second

Discussion LINDA The event is self-supporting largely because dance leaders have worked free.  Costs have risen dramatically recently.  We can’t continue to stage the event without raising fees or having financial support.  We are facing a $1000-$1200 shortfall. 



TONY: Amend minutes to include monies for these additional events.  It should be $1000 per event for the Marsh House.


Motion NARAYAN: Letter of thanks with $4000 to Zareen for her 8 years of service to the OP.

NURIA: Second




MUNIR: WDC planning event for staff in the early part of 2004.  We will need an events committee chair.  I envision this to be a team-building role, empowering people. 

NURIA: I wish to take a one year sabbatical from Grants Committee, resign as Chair of Children’s committee, resign from Events Committee, resign from Communications Committee.  I will continue as Trustee and Vice President.  I will continue as Dance Leader Training Grants Administrator for the present time. 


Saadi at Wilderness Dance Camp 2005

MUNIR: Narayan & I have had several discussions with Darvesha and with Saadi.  Saadi is Darvesha’s mentor and she is interested in being Spiritual Director for that event.  Nuria would like to be a staff musician. 


General Items

Report on Montana Nonprofit Association Meeting

MUNIR: attended daylong session for Executive Directors.  It focused on board development, fund raising, and staff supervision.  Jerry read from his report on the meeting to the trustees.  Recommends OP join the organization.  The cost to join is $100. 



The loan of $62,000 to the Southwest Sufi Community was repaid in June.  Loans for Sufi Choir CD and California quarterly were disbursed.


The Council broke into committee: HR committee will review the Executive Director’s performance.  The remaining TC members will revise OP G & A for 2004.


Break for Lunch at 12:30


JERRY: Report on Executive Director’s review.  HR Committee recommends $500 bonus.


Goals & Activities 2004

Goal, Strategy, Objective (time-constrained, measurable items)

TO DO (for vision meeting) Add goal of providing technical assistance to local presenters of dance events.

Narayan: Move we accept G & A 2004

LINDA Second


Proposal Role & Time commitment of Trustees

JERRY: Move we accept this proposal

Narayan: Second

Discussion: There is more work to be done on this.  It could be amended and finalized via email.  TO DO: Munir will amend this proposal by November 15, 2003.

JERRY: Withdraws


Nuria: Move to confirm Phi Notermann to complete Zareen Delaney’s term.

LINDA Second

Discussion: JERRY: Questions for Phil.  Do you have time?  Yes.  Are you good at emailing?  Regularly check, not necessarily daily.  The deepest calling is for moderns to discover what it is to live in a sacred world. 



Music Committee

Discussion, no motions.

Land Search Committee

Discussion, no motions.

Braveheart Fund

Susan Sheely distributed her report to the board and gave a brief synopsis. 

Proposal: to roll over unused funds from previous years and the start date each year be June to commemorate Tom’s passing.  Requesting to award $750 each to Yarri Soteros and her son.   MUNIR: I would like to discuss matching funds from the General Fund.


Narayan: Motion to match funds in the Braveheart Fund from the General Fund.

LINDA Second



Children’s Committee

WDC will be the third week of August, which will make it easier for children to attend.  Doug Sparks is returning and wants to build a children’s program similar to the NW Sufi camp. 


KR: We have distributed six libraries this year including one to Peru.  Some titles are out of print.

TM: Kabira is in the process of re-editing the out of print titles.


Tabled until next meeting.

Narayan: Events may be listed on the OP web site events page if the event is lead by a certified or supervised dance leader and a donation from the profits is made to the dance network or SRI. Email must be sent from other than an OP email address and may be used for the one event only.   Emails must go out bcc: blind copy only.

Second: Linda Lindsay



Trustee Council Meeting Schedule for 2004


Third weekend in May 21-23, 2004

November 12-14, 2004


JERRY: We will be testing another Listening Coach feedback technique at the next meeting.

Nuria: I would like to take a leave of absence from the Trustee Council for one year. 

TONY: Propose the TC grant a leave of absence to Ginger Lee that does not affect the length of her remaining term as a council member.

PN: Second

Discussion:  Nuria will remain Vice President of OP.