Wilderness 2009



Oh maiden mother

Matriarch and the old crone

Coming home to self.

~ Maxi Megrue


Dancing into the light

Joy blossoming into joy

Healing and wholeness.

~ Sm yellow paper


Sufi practices

Dancing beauty and presence

No hope for ego.


Cherished illusions

Dissolved, swallowed by the lake

Clarity returns.


Lost at Flathead Lake

Mistaken identity



Wilderness Dance Camp

Just one more experience,

Or transformation?

~ Kabir Stuart McKinnon


Dancing in the field

Expansive beyond belief

Yet in cosmic whole.

~ Sam Serif


Glittering wave breaks

Light floods through the face and shows

Every pebble there.

~ Thad Curtz


Hillside of grasses

Broken stones, downhill breezes

Flights of grasshoppers.

~ Thad Curtz


Great white canvas wheel

Thirty radiating spokes

Insects in the peak.

~ Thad Curtz


Haikuís are easy

But sometimes they donít make sense


~Shared by Ben Schaffner, author unknown



Part of the Cosmic puzzle

Ahad makes us One

~ ? found folded paper


You and I are One

Different but really the same

Cosmic Unity

~ ? found folded paper


Sun sparkles on lake

Bismillah floats through sung trees

Heart, come to heart.

~ Khabira Candace Holt


Lightning flash inside

Deep gray universe of cloud

Your eyes: sparks of ishq.

 ~ Khabira Candace Holt


Swimmerís Itch

Iíve got the itch now

Swimming in this lake of love

Friend, burrow deeper.

~ Terry John


Row Your Boat

Row, row, row your boat

Be gentle and be merry

Life is but a dream.

~ Terry John


I Am

I am One within

With all beings everywhere

I am the I Am.

~ Terry John


Farewell Blessing

Live long and prosper

Ya FattahÖall the way home

Blessed be the One

~ Terry John




The following submitted after camp by

†††††††††††††††††† ~ John Birnel


Take a Little Risk

Evangelical Kisses!

Creating Blisses!

Facebook Welcoming

Simple Opportunity

Engaging Strangers

Classical Concerts

Wouldn't It Be Quite a Gas?

Dancing in the Aisles?

Winking at Others

Wobbling Mercifully

Make Fun Together!

Mingling in the World

Tinkling Feet Soaring Voices

Making Connections


Never Insisting

Inquiring So Politely

Getting to the Point

Strange Imperative!

Never Insisting Ever?

Just Goes to Show You!






Dancing With the Voice


Cosmic and Holy!


Quiet Mutterings?

Who Wants to Yell Out Brusquely?

Speaking Distinctly?

Want to Do Outreach?

Neighborhood Volunteering!

Locally Cosmic!

Love and Holiness

And What is that Transmission?

Sweet, Sweet, Osmosis!

It IS a Practice!

Get Back to Loosey Goosey!

May We all be Kids!


The Sparkling Hand of God

From our Holy Core.


It is Just So Great!

Out Spontaneous Movements

Even Celebrated!