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We offer a joyous way to share heartfelt connection with others - an essential unity and encounter with Life that seems elusive when we put words on it. In this atmosphere of openness, acceptance and trust the Dances can become a doorway to discover our true home in Wholeness and the eternal present.

These group Dances, simple and profound, are set to sacred texts and mantras of the world’s spiritual traditions. A Dance leader teaches participants a song and movements, often with live guitar and drum accompaniment. Movements embody the essence of the spiritual message and our relationship to Life. Soon the circle is singing and moving together, deepening into the sacred phrase with each repetition.

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OP began in 1991 as an informal network of dancers organizing Dances of Universal Peace events, and assisting new Dance circles in the western United States. As interest and inspiration grew, OP began to  present regional DUP Camps and Retreats.  OP founder, Narayan Eric Waldman, established the first week-long Wilderness Dance Camp in 1993 at Camp Mimanagish in Montana.


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Oneness Project became a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation in 1996. A Board Of Directors was formed to guide the development of Oneness and steward its resources. Oneness Project's sights went higher and deeper and led to the creation of new programs.

Between 2000 and 2009 Oneness Project awarded nearly $1 million in grants and donations to further the work of the Dances of Universal Peace around the world.

Our Project Grants program provided funds for projects which furthered our goals to continue, deepen and spread the Dances worldwide. Our Dance Leader Training (DLT) program offered grants to qualified individuals to support tuition, travel and lodging to attend trainings in Dance leadership.

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