For Who?

An individual, dance circle or nonprofit.

For What?

Up to $400 for projects that support the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP). Examples of projects include:

  • a guest Dance teacher’s travel/fees or honoraria
  • presenting DUP events to new constituencies or youth
  • leader training

By When?

Applications are due March 15, June 15 and September 15. We will consider future events only, i.e., we don’t fund past events.

Your Goals:

Grant applications must address one or more of the following goals:

    a) Promote and encourage increased participation in the DUP.
    b) Encourage excellence in Dance leading and Dance meeting facilitation.
    c) Encourage cooperation, sharing of resources and talents among Dance circles and communities.
    d) Foster teamwork among dance leaders in the same Dance circle, community or region.
    e) Enable youth to enjoy the DUP and have meaningful experiences at camps and retreats.

The fine print:

Only one grant per calendar year.

  • Wiring funds is expensive, we look for alternatives.
  • Dance Leader Trainings: Leading a multi-year training and want to help finance trainees? Go ahead and apply! It will then be up to you to distribute the funds. We will consider the funding amount for each DLT separately. Because we are funding the DLT as a whole rather than the individuals, if a trainee applies here, we’ll send them to you. First year of the training only.

Submit Your Application by:

March 15th
June 15th
September 15th

Grant Application

  • In two to three paragraphs please describe your Dances of Universal Peace activity and how you will use the grant funds. Include date and location of events, goals you hope to achieve, and anything else that gives us a more complete sense of the project.
  • Overview of projected income such as registration fees, donations and in-kind support (materials, space or other items for which no cash is exchanged) and expenses such as hall rental, insurance, materials, honoraria).